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Complaint against customer service/refund request

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I would very much like to launch a complaint. I sent back a copy of Rage 2 on PC last week and it was returned to me. My complaint was that the product was falsely advertised. The physical copy implied to be a disc but was just a cardboard disc with a code. I chatted with a customer service rep who didn't help at all. He tried to pawn my issue off on somebody else and, I felt, purposefully misunderstood my issue so he wouldn't have to deal with it. I want my purchase refunded. Here is a copy of the chat transcript as well: 


Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:20:47 GMT) : Thank you for choosing Best Buy, my name is Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}. How may I assist you today?
Visitor (18:20:56 GMT) : Return
Visitor (18:21:09 GMT) : I have a return that was sent back to me
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:21:21 GMT) : Hello Peter.
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:21:39 GMT) : I am sorry to know that the return which you have made was sent back to you.
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:21:56 GMT) : Let me quickly check the order status and help you further.
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines} (18:25:38 GMT) : Thank you for staying online.
Visitor (18:25:55 GMT) : sure
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:26:21 GMT) : May I please have your phone number for account verification please to make sure we are on the right account ?
Visitor (18:27:03 GMT) : {removed per forum guidelines}
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:27:19 GMT) : Thank you for confirming.
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:29:29 GMT) : I have checked the details and noticed that the game code was redeemed which was free along with the purchase. This is the reason product was shipped back to you.
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:30:01 GMT) : Don't worry, Please visit the nearest store so they can segregate the charges and help you with the refund.
Visitor (18:30:49 GMT) : It just feels like false advertising. It's a "physical" edition and I open the box to find it's just a code and not a disk.
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:33:10 GMT) : Peter, RAGE 2 - Pre-Order Bonus - Windows [Digital] code was sent to your email when product was delieverd.
Visitor (18:33:43 GMT) : That's not what I'm talking about
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:34:12 GMT) : May I know if you have reported the missing disk from your purchase ?
Visitor (18:35:40 GMT) : Okay, there is no disk. The advertising was false. Physical implies a disk, but there was only a code. It's not missing by a production error, it's missing even though it was implied
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:37:29 GMT) : Peter, if you would have contacted us regarding the missing item in the box then we could have helped you instantly.
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:38:18 GMT) : Don't worry, If you have not redeemed the code then I recommend you to please give a call to our phone team on 1-XXX-XXX-XXX so they can help you with the refund,
Visitor (18:38:31 GMT) : It was false advertising, which is why I sent it back. I don't really know how else to explain it.
Visitor (18:39:25 GMT) : I've wasted enough time as it is
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:39:56 GMT) : Peter, the product which you have purchased does have a physical disc which also include a bonus digital code.
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:40:11 GMT) : I see that backend team have not reported any missing item from the package.
Visitor (18:40:30 GMT) : No it does not!!!
Visitor (18:40:43 GMT) : There's a cardboard disk with a code, not an actual DVD
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:40:43 GMT) : I request you to give a call to our phone team on 1-XXX-XXX-XXX so they can sort this out for you.
Visitor (18:41:00 GMT) : False advertising. I don't know how else to say it FFS
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:41:25 GMT) : Peter, May I know if you have redeemed the bonus code ?
Visitor (18:41:43 GMT) : Yeah. So what
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:42:07 GMT) : This is the reason, refund was denied and product was sent back to you.
Visitor (18:43:13 GMT) : Dude, a pre order bonus that was emailed to me a week ahead of time shouldn't matter. That code didn't imply the false advertising of the product itself.
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:46:11 GMT) : If you have not received the disc then I request you to call our phone team on 1-XXX-XXX-XXX so they can help you.
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:49:53 GMT) : We have not heard from you for some time. Do you wish to continue to chat?
Visitor (18:50:03 GMT) : I'm obviously not getting through to you and you're making it sound like it's my fault for not reporting a "missing disc". This is not my fault, it's a misunderstanding. If a product page says a copy of a PC game is "physical", it usually implies that a disc is involved
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:50:25 GMT) : That is correct.
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:51:12 GMT) : I request you to please report the missing item in future if in case something is missing from your order.
Visitor (18:51:21 GMT) : However, this is a case where the publisher sent a cardboard disk with a redemption code instead. This is not what I wanted. I felt like it was false advertising. So, I sent the item back for a refund. The item was not refunded and sent back to me. I want this to be rectified without me having to drive 50 miles to the store in Portland.
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:51:51 GMT) : If you redeem a code and send the product back to us, we will never know what went er
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:54:49 GMT) : If you redeem a code and send the product back to us, we will never know what went wrong with the product and case will be handled automatically. I see that the product do come with a physical disc however if in your case, the disc was not present then I request you to contact our phone team on 1-XXX-XXX-XXX as they have a capability to check the delivery team if disc was unavailable in the box. They will check everything and your claim will stand still and refund will be credited back to your accordingly.
Visitor (18:56:34 GMT) : You're just avoiding what I told you so you can pass this issue off onto somebody else. This is really terrible customer service. I'll be reporting this to your corporate office. Good day.
Auto-Generated Message (18:56:44 GMT) : Visitor has requested for email transcript. The email will be automatically sent after the interaction is wrapped up.
Ollie {removed per forum guidelines}(18:57:18 GMT) : We do accept your critical feedback and it helps us in improving our services to you.

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Re: Complaint against customer service/refund request

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Hi, teh1shredder, 


Thanks for your post to us about the game that you had recently purchased. We always try to provide excellent customer service, and I expect the same as a shopper when I make purchases. I wanted to mention that you'll notice I had to remove some of the information you had provided as it goes against our Forum Guidelines to post personal information. You can review those by clicking here


As a heads up, nowadays when an item states that it is a physical game, it more than likely means that there is a physical case involved, and not a disk. As it turns out, most computer manufacturers are no longer including disk drives on their units, making a disk not needed. I apologize for any troubles that this may have caused. 


In regard to why the return you requested was denied, this is due to our Returns & Exchange Promise. It states that any opened software and/or games can only be exchanged for the exact same item and cannot be returned. 


Thanks for writing us, and please let us know what other issues you may still be facing. 



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Re: Complaint against customer service/refund request

Now I know a physical copy of a game doesn't include a disc, but how was I supposed to know that before I made my purchase? I'm still not satisfied with this particular outcome and I'd like some form of vindication regarding this issue.

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Re: Complaint against customer service/refund request

This is going to be something that you will need to express to the publisher of the game, ever since Steam took off PC titles are doing this more and more.

As far as Best Buy is concerned if there is a physical box that we must inventory and warehouse that makes it a physical copy...something you can hold. We often don’t know in advance that the publisher has opted to include a card with a code instead of a disc so our website contains as much information as we have.

A digital copy would arrive like your bonus content mentioned above, emailed to you.

I wish it was easier to decipher a publisher’s intent in advance and I do wish there was a better way to identify these online.
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