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Complaint - Missing Giftcard for 3 Months

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I have had an incredibly frustrating experience with Best Buy support over the past three months, and my issue has yet to be resolved.


In February 2019, I obtained a Best Buy gift card from a Coinstar machine in a local grocery store. In exchange for my loose change, I received a receipt from the machine with a gift card code and pin number. I then tried to use this code at a store but was told that this code does not work with the computers/system in-store. The manager then contacted best buy support and set it up so that they would issue me a physical gift card through the mail that would be usable in store and replace my paper receipt that was not working. For this interaction, I received Support Case #{removed per forum guidelines}.


I never received the gift card so I called customer support and referenced my case number. The rep said they would follow up and that it should be coming. Still, no gift card. By this point, plenty of time had passed, so I started to log my experience.


I called on April 9 and spoke at length with a representative explaining my situation. They told me that my case had a block on it, referring to "CashStar," the supposed "eGiftcard Support Team," saying that I was a support to contact them. However, I was never told about this until now. After many ", please hold"s, they eventually determined they had resolved this issue themselves and told me to expect the card in 15 days. I received a new case number, Support Case #{removed per forum guidelines}. Well, that time passed, and I received nothing. 


After all of this, I called support again, and they told me that my case was blocked by CashStar again. So I explained my frustration at this, and they said that no one from the main support line could help me and I must contact cash star. They gave me an email and a phone number. After calling CashStar, I went through every possible option on their automated phone line, all of them just automated responses for things that did not relate to me. The only option that led to me being able to talk to someone kicked me out to the general support line to talk to someone. So the CashStar phone provided no help.


At this point, I went back into the store to talk to the manager to get in-person assistance with this ongoing problem. The manager tried to help and spent 30 minutes on the phone with support himself investigating and trying to get this resolved. The result? Support told him to contact CashStar. He apologized and told me to email them.


So I emailed Cashstar, it is now May 5th, explaining my situation. Two days later they responded with, "I do apologize that you have encountered such an inconvenience. While our eGift Card Support team is unable to assist with your concern since we are assigned for egift cards order online Best Buy Customer Service is available to assist with all inquiries of this nature." Not only does this response make very little sense, they marked my case as resolved. So I emailed back and told them how they have to be the people that help me since no one else can. They then responded back and said, "We are really sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing regarding your Gift Card. However, our department can only access eGift Card orders purchased through our website." To summarize, that means no one can help me since this gift card came from a third party.


It is now May 15, and I called Best Buy support again to explain this crazy situation. I was eventually transferred to the back office, where I discussed with someone named Christopher my problem. He told me that, after looking into my case, it appeared that the many previous times I had called, no one ever initiated a request for the gift card. So essentially people were just wasting my time. Chris then took the time to figure out a potential solution, personally transferred over to a main support line agent, explained my problem and the exact steps to perform. In my case notes, Chris wrote that he has my phone number and will call if there are further problems. I received a new case number, Case #{removed per forum guidelines}. I was told that in 7 days I would receive my card.


It has now been 7 days, and I have not received the card, so I called support to check on it. The rep saw that in my case someone from cashstar made notes only yesterday, so six days had already passed before someone did something, potentially initiating a process to send me an eGiftcard to my email. The phone rep then told me that no one in main support could help me and to contact CashStar again (which we know has not worked in the past). So I sent an email to CashStar and I am waiting for a response.


This 3 month long saga is beyond ridiculous as I am fully entitled to this money and just want to use it at your store.

I am hoping that someone can escalate my case to help it get resolved. I've always had great experiences at Best Buy, but honestly, this has been such an incredibly frustrating and insulting experience; it makes me question Best Buy's entire support structure. For a customer to experience this much difficulty for this long without some form of assistance in escalating my issue or offering something to me to make up for this tremendous waste of time is shocking.

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Re: Complaint - Missing Giftcard for 3 Months

Hello, rc8, 


Thanks for taking the time to post with us here on the Forums. 

This sounds like quite the adventure you've had to try and get your E-gift card that you had traded in some spare change for. I love going to those machines myself and being able to capitalized on those unused coins, they seem to add up quickly. I'd be happy to take a look into this for you to see what we are able to do to help out. I know that I would be wanting to get this taken care of as soon as possible, and I hope that I am able to finally get things done for you. 


In order for us to begin, can you send us a Private Message with your full name, email address, and phone number? In order to send a Private Message, just click on the blue button in my signature that says Private Message


Thanks so much!

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