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I have been trying for months to pay off a balance. Anything above the min payment goes to the promotional balance, or so they tell you. Apparently you have to call and designate the amount. If you want to pay extra above that, you have to call every single time. Just don’t get the card. I’m looking for the specific parent company information so I can make a complaint to the BBB. I have months of extra payments not being applied. I call and get hung up on. People in India do not like to hear complaints. And I was nice too. It takes a miracle to get anything paid off. Once I do, I’m closing my account. This company is awful and has horrible business practices. Now I’m going to be charged hundreds of dollars in finance charges by July. It’s pathetic. So now all this payments didn’t go to the promotional balance and I have to call every time I want to make an extra payment. You’d think by 2019, I could click on the website and make extra payments. Nope. This is how they make their money. Don’t get this card.
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Re: Citibank

Hello, Dmout,


Welcome to our community. Credit cards can be very challenging to cope with as I know only too well from my own experience. I'm sorry to hear you've had complications with your account and making payments the way you wish. I regret your having to cope with such circumstances.


As stated in the My Best Buy credit card offer Terms & Conditions:


Payments in excess of the Minimum Payment Due are applied in accordance with law. This means that we will generally apply payments in excess of the Minimum Payment Due to higher APR balances first...


While I certainly understand the inconvenience of having to contact Citibank to make your wishes known regarding payment allocation, I do recommend that you continue to work with them on these concerns. You can reach them at (888) 574-1301. You can find information on Citibank here.


Please know I am grateful you wrote to us with your concerns and for your feedback on this experience.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Citibank

That's the law our federal government passed a few years back. Credit card companies legally have to apply the payment to the non promotional ballance first unless you specify otherwise at every payment.