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Citi bank delaying payment posting

Let me start off by saying I've been an elite member for a few years and just opened up my BBY card about 8 months ago. I've made large payments and small payments without any issues in the past until now.

I just recently made large payment on my card along with a small payment. Within 24 hours the small payment was cleared and the credit was added to my account. It's been 1 full week and the large payment hasn't cleared yet. When I called Citi directly they said they needed to "Verify the funds" Even though the person on the phone could confirm the payment was processed. I told them how does that make sense and he said he doesn't have an answer and to wait.

I called my bank and my bank said they paid Citi bank and the money cleared and they even gave me a confirmation number for the transaction. Every time I contact Citi bank they tell me the same thing that there needs to be another verification before the credit can be made available and that they have received the payment. The only things I can think of is they are going to charge me back interest (something they are being sued over in New Jersey) or they are punishing me for making a large payment, (Something they are being sued over in Mississippi).

When I talked with someone via chat they said I can call and have some of the credit released now, and when I called they said they never do that and I have to wait.

Either way this is ridiculous and if this is going to be a continuous problem, I don't care how large my limit is, I'm going to close the account.

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Re: Citi bank delaying payment posting

It's common practice for most major credit card companies. It's a pain, but not unusual.
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Re: Citi bank delaying payment posting

It depends on when you pay. I have seen where I don't see my BBY Card Payment reflect my avail credit until 3 days later even though I see the payment come out of my bank account. Some ACH  depts are faster than others. All I can say is watch your bank account and make sure you have enough to clear it even there is a delay in something happening.

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Re: Citi bank delaying payment posting

Good afternoon, NeilLondon,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your feedback with us.  While it sounds like you’ve had a relatively positive experience with Citibank up to this point, it’s disappointing to hear there seems to be an issue with your most recent payment posting to your account.


While there isn’t a way for us to expedite this process on our end, if you’re still having issues with this payment posting to your account, I recommend continuing to work with Citibank directly at 1-888-574-1301, and I’m optimistic they’ll be able to provide you the assistance you’re looking for.



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