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Checkout with Fairstone is broken. Need QA? Some info provided for investigation

Could someone QA the flow going through the checkout with fairstone?


I keep on getting 


Sorry, something went wrong.

Please try again or learn more about known issues in checkout.


I have tried different browsers, read the forums for the same error, and have done different suggestions.  

I've chat with someone online, they refer me to call the number so they could place the order.  Then when i call they tell me that when it's an issue with fairstone, they tell me to go to the store to make the purchase. So basically they're telling me to go to the store to make a delivery purchase? I've insisted that they check this:


When going through checkout i get a 404


[HTTP/2 400 Bad Request 625ms]

Bad Request
Transferred1.62 kB (122 B size)
Referrer Policystrict-origin-when-cross-origin


So it looks like the info provided by fairstone is causing the invalid request thus causing the failure.


Second, could someone check to see telemetry if the service is healthy or in working order?  How many rejections there are etc.  Perhaps regular orders are going through, but not with fairstone?  


I haven't tried going through the purchase flow of a credit card or paypal to see if the issue is with fairstone integration itself.


Maybe you guys could hire me to do some of this since i work at home in my other job, i could help you out with this too 🤣🤣


Anyways, i doubt this will get fixed so i'll need go to best buy to get shipped to my house.  yes it's pretty stupid.  






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Re: Checkout with Fairstone is broken. Need QA? Some info provided for investigation

This forum supports and the US Best Buy stores.  On, they have a contact us link at the bottom which will lead you to the team supporting and Best Buy Canada.  The link is here:

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Re: Checkout with Fairstone is broken. Need QA? Some info provided for investigation

Oh that's unfortunate.  


And yes, that's where i originated from.  I first went to chat and they deferred me to calling them as they claimed that they could assist me with placing the order.  So i called them, and then they told me to place my order at the store lol.


I mentioned to them to take a look at the flow and the api and what it's returning but they were only reading a script. 


I googled the issue i had and saw that there was a forum here so i tried my luck. But looks like support in Canada doesn't exist for the lower class citizens unlike the US where they could get together and discuss 🤣


Whelp, thanks anyways.  Going to go crawl back into my lower caste chair in Canada 😂.  thanks