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Cable, cord, and plug organizing service?

Does the Geek Squad or Best Buy do cable, cord, and plug organizing services?  I have a shortage of electrical outlets and a surplus of cords, cables, and plugs.  It's created a huge ratnest of wire all tangled up.  

I tried organizing it myself but just became frustrated and gave up.  

I'm hoping there is a service somewhere in this world that can help me.  I will gladly give them money for it.

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Re: Cable, cord, and plug organizing service?

Hey there, wollam11,

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums! We have a lot of neat resources here, and I'd like to invite you to explore those when you get the opportunity.

Having a handful of wires can definitely lead to a stressful situation, and I can understand wanting to explore what options may be available to get those sorted and organized. While we don't offer a specific service for this, we do offer a variety of other services that may be beneficial.

For clarification, were these cords for an assortment of units that were needing to be setup in addition to organized? If this is the case, you may want to consider scheduling an in-home consultation here, This way, our Geek Squad can arrange to set up the items these cords are associated with.

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Cable, cord, and plug organizing service?



My husband and I know exactly how you feel with a lack of outlets we are electronics fanatics and the problem won't go away anytime soon. We considered getting surge protectors which had USB Outlets so our main charging items would not take up valuable space with regular charging blocks would create an eyesore. Also not all plugs and cables are made equal.


Microsoft did right on the plug for my XBOX All Digital and there are other manufacturers improving but what we need are surge protectors that will have all fits of plug spaces not just for one or two odd items. Hope this helps!

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