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Cable Company Sellers are ruining my shopping experience

My daughter and I just went to Best Buy today.  Best Buy is yet another store that allows a cable company to utilize their store to push their company.  XFINITY, Comcast, Satellite.... They all pop up in so many stores anymore and they all have the same question formed in different words. "I have one question" "one question" "can I ask you a question?"  Maybe I have just been in too many stores the last couple days but I am extremely aggitated.  I just want to look around and browse at stuff. I don't want to be chased around a store.  These companies are ruining my shopping experience.  I order so much online anymore simply because going to a brick and mortar store is equal to dealing with a telemarketer on the phone.  Sure these people back off fast enough but seriously? how many times do you think we have all heard "I have one question?"  It isn't cute.  Entire areas of the store are no longer shopped because eventually you know where they camp out.  Worse is because I don't shop at Best Buy often it felt like every person in that store was going to push cable on me at some point.  Because my shopping experience was so annoying today I doubt I go back in there again until Black Friday.  All I am asking is get rid of these people. I'm sure some bean counter said you make a lot of money allowing this company a foothold in your store but it is driving customers away.  My complaint on this forum should speak volumes. I would not be taking the time to do this if I wasn't so irked by it.  This is the 4th store in so many days I have had this happen.  Enough.  I don't need to talk to a human. I just hope someone at Best Buy takes my concern, aggitation, desire to steer clear from their store as serious and other customers feel the same way.  We need these stores but when you turn it into a sales pitch every isle we simply will not return. 

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Re: Cable Company Sellers are ruining my shopping experience

Hello ChristyDaiber,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your experience with us.  Like you, whenever I choose to shop at a store, more often than not, I prefer to simply browse at my leisure and request help when I need it.  From what you’ve described, being consistently asked if I can answer “one question” would certainly be agitating, so I completely understand why you’d want to share your experience with us.


We’re consistently looking for ways to improve the experience we offer our customers when they visit our stores, and we can’t do so without insights like yours.  Please know I’ll be fully documenting your experience here at our Corporate Headquarters, to make sure they’re available to the appropriate leadership.  I truly appreciate you taking the time to share your insights with us, and I’m optimistic your next shopping trip to us will be smoother than your last.


Thank you,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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