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COVID 19 relief on interest backcharge

I’m a college student who opened up my first credit card with Best Buy. Due to my family being a frequent shopper there, I developed an interest in the products Best Buy has had to offer and became a technology person. Therefore, I decided to open up my first credit card with Best Buy. I am currently a pre-Med STEM major in college looking to enter the healthcare industry in the future. With that being said, aside from being laid off from my job due to the Co-VID19 impact, I had to adjust to taking 6 harder level classes online. My school was changed to an online platform and I have no income coming in from my job that’s temporarily closed down. Enough on my plate to start.

I am receiving all these emails from Best Buy, including emails signed by, the Best Buy CEO assuring the company is doing their best to help us in time of uncertainty but I don’t truly see that happening with my situation.

Let me explain. I tried messaging a rep for Best Buy Citi Bank, in regards to my Best Buy Visa card. I had a charge of 161 interest for a promotional balance, not even a few days after I messaged through secure message asking for help in regards to the COVID 19 situation, a waiver possibility. When I finally got an answer back the charge was already placed on the account and then, Best Buy decides to announce that promotional balances will not be affected for two months. I simply don’t think it’s fair for my account to suffer 161 dollars worth of interest when I had already put in a word for my promotional balance expiration date to be extended, due to my financial situation...a few days before that mass announcement to Best Buy customers.

I had told the rep that if I couldn’t get that fixed I would unfortunately have to close my account down with them as I was disappointed. The rep had me connected to a phone call rep for Best Buy Citi bank and she called me. She said she would find out for me, and get back to me. She called me back and said there would be no way to take that charge off (amidst my situation I kindly explained over the phone). And then I received a voicemail saying if I still wanted to cancel my Best Buy card then since they can’t do anything to help me, to call them back to cancel it.

My point here is.. I would think Best Buy/Citi bank was better than that, then to simply give up like that and tell me my only choice was to close my account. Shouldn’t you as a company want to keep your customers? Not make them regret their decision of ever opening an account up with you? How do you expect to get a good word out from current customers, if you make your current ones want to spread a bad word about the credit card company? That a company like yours, who promised to do their best to help in this time of need, is pushing a customer to close their account instead of helping them with an interest fee charged during a crisis like such going on right now. A situation we as customers could not help. A time of uncertainty.

How companies react and treat customers during times like these shows their true colors, and it doesn’t leave a good memory with the customer. I doubt it would be likely for that customer to ever speak a good word of the company to other friends, when looking for the best credit cards to open. That’s just my two cents. Thank you for your time. Hope there is something that can be done for my situation. I felt the need to reach out to you since everyone else who I tried to reach “couldn’t help me”. I mean this email with all due respect, but I wanted to voice what I had to say, especially after getting a recent email assuring Best Buy was doing their best to “help”.

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Re: COVID 19 relief on interest backcharge

Good afternoon, Rashelrose,


Welcome to our community forums. I appreciate you taking the time to let us know about your experience with the Best Buy credit card. I can certainly understand wanting to be sure of all of your available options at this time.


Using the email address associated with your forum account, I see that our Executive Support Team sent a response to your letter. At this time, our position remains unchanged.


Please feel free to reach out to us for any other support not directly related to this situation in the future.


AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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