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I called into customer service today.  They wasted my time and provided further delays.  End of day, on 10/27, I returned an item and received a $75 gift card.  Today I went to use didn't work.  After an hour on the phone constantly repeating the #'s on the gift card and on my receipt proving it was all valid; I was told they will send me a new card that will take up to 15 days to arrive.  However, I have purchases to make today at today's deals (ie- 3 x google mini at $25 each).  The customer service manager was Alex.  I told him if he's not able to get me the eCard today so I can use it on my purchase at today's discounts; then I'd like him to either simply send me the items I wanted at today's prices which is the same amount as the gift card or to double the amount to compensate me for all the time I've spent on this issue that Best Buy created and so I can still purchase the same items later after they go back up in price.  He said he can't go outside the policy, can't help me further and wouldn't pass me onto his manager or provide me their contact information.  I'm not satisfied.  Actually, now I'm even more frustrated for wasting more of my time.  I've wasted a lot of time today on this and you created the issue.  I'm ready to tell the world about the horrible experiences Best Buy provides their customers...even when they create the issue causing more pain to their consumers.  However, I'm giving you a chance to fix it first.  I hope you can help!