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Bullied in store by employees.

I had a very bad experience. I went to the store to buy a new TV. I wanted to get a Samsung 75inch Nu8000. The current sell price is 16999. I was told there were no more in the store and all they had left was an open box and they would take off 340 off of the sale price. I was guaranteed that every thing was in the box and that it had been tested by geek squad. I had them open the box and they found out there was no manual, no power cable, and no remote. After that was handled I bought the TV with the 5 year extended warranty. When I get the TV home I discover that half of the stand was missing. At the time of the discovery the store was already closed and I had to go back to the store the next day. When I get to the store I asked for a manager and a employee with no name tag helped me calming he was the manager. I explained my situation to him and pulls up my receipt. And says to me because they took off 640 dollars for the open box they would be unable to help me. I explained to him that they only took off 340 for the open box and the other 300 was the current sales price. He kept on insisting that I was wrong and lining. I had to pull up the best buy app and show him the sales price and told him that I do not like being called a liar. He just stays quiet about that and says all he can do now is offer me a wall mount for 15 percent off. I explained to him all I want is the stand to my TV and my wife ask him if there is any chance that the model version has the TV stand in the back. We walk to the back of the TV section and I show him once again what the tag shows as the sales price for the TV. He still has not apologized to me about accusing me of lying about the price. Another sales rep comes up to us and says he remembers us buying the TV the night before we explain to him what happened and he says well you got discounted price on it so you get what you get. I told him once again about how we were guaranteed that every thing was included but he starts to argue with me about it being discounted. I tell him I do not want to argue and try to walk away and he keeps on arguing with me. As he is doing this the manager finally interrupts and offers us a rocket fish wall mount for half off. The wall mounts price is 200. I was forced to buy this because this was going to be the only way I can watch my new TV that was promised to me to include everything. I have been a My Best Buy elite member for years. Me and my famil have spent Thousands and thousands of dollars at the stores. This is the worst I have ever been treated. I felt like I was being bullied and forced to spend an extra hundred dollars I should have not had to. This has left a bad taste in my mouth and I have let all my family and friends know about this horrible experience.
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Re: Bullied in store by employees.

Good afternoon, thefunmachine, 


Thank you for registering with the Best Buy forums to let us know about this shopping experience.  Buying open item's are a great way to save some money on the technology that has been certified by our Geek Squad Agents.  If the label states there are no missing parts or accessories, then I could certainly understand why the TV was discounted further than the sale price when you were at the store originally, but I'm sorry to hear that part of the stand was missing.  I'm thankful you stopped by to bring this to our attention at the Corporate Headquarters. 


Knowing that I cannot erase the past, I'm so appreciative for the chance to hear your feedback!  The discount applied to the open item TV you've purchased was great to see that they were able to offer such a steep discount, but I'd be unable to go beyond that myself.  However, I'm wanting to discuss this with you in private so that I can take a closer look to make sure the store can be made aware of your feedback too.  I cannot promise a different outcome will take place, but I'm wanting to document this on your behalf.  For me to have this opportunity, I would need to have you send me a private message containing your full name, phone number, email address, the managers you've worked with if possible (realizing they were not wearing name badges), and the customer service PIN from you purchase receipt. 


This should be all the information I need to make sure your feedback is heard, and a case opened up on your behalf! 


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