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Broken TV Incorrectly packed by Best Buy.



On Jan 14, 2018 I had got a Sony TV as an exchange for a better one for the one I previously had. It was the XBR-800e for an upgrade to the 900e. After roughly a few weeks, I had decided I wanted the XBR-930 due to the reason being that it was on sale for a little bit more. However, I was a few days out of the return policy, so I called a store other than the one I usually go to because it was closer at the time. I called them and they told me I could bring it in for a return or an exchange. I asked them to confirm if they were going to actually take it or waste my time. They told me to bring it and they would take care of it. I took the TV a few days later and they opened it and the TV was intact, not broken and they can acknowledge that. However, when they tried to pull up the tv on my account, it was nowhere to be found. They told me that the only way to return or exchange was to take it back to the original best buy where I had bought it. So, they repackaged the TV, and here is where the story takes a huge turn. In the box, there is a cardboard which is to be placed in front of the TV in order to protect it from damage. This employee, put the TV in the box, and put the cardboard BEHIND the TV, and the metal stand that is supposed to be in the back, was put in the front of the TV where it can be scratched. A few days go by and I decide to go to the store, I speak with the magnolia people and they tell me I can exchange it for a better one and it would be final purchase. I said ok and I was happy. I told the man I would bring the tv back because I needed to speak with my wife about the exchange. I come back on a saturday, and they open the TV. To my surprise, the TV is scratched, and the stand is in FRONT of the TV. the cardboard is incorrectly placed in the back and the screws are obviously worn out due to the scrateches. The manager denies to take it back and he tries to take advantage of me and he tries to sell me an Open Box version of the TV I wanted for an extra $1000 more. I refused because I did not even break the TV! WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY 1000 EXTRA FOR SOMETHING I DID NOT EVEN BREAK INTENTIONALLY! I go back home very sad because I dont know what to do, and I go the the best buy again the next day because I had realised what had happened. The employee at the first best buy incorrectly packaged the TV and in transit, it scratched the TV. I cannot be blamed for what had happened because there was Best by tape put over the TV when the best buy I bought the TV opened it. So to say I opened it and scratched it is a very flawed statement. The best buy employee who packaged my TV can acknowledge that the TV was in prestine condition when he put the TV in the box. Now, it is a sunday and I go back to the best buy i bought the TV from and I tolde them what happened. He emailed the other best buy for "footage" and they conducted an investigation. A week goes by, and he tells me that the store has no knowledge of seeing me in that store. This makes no sense, AT ALL. They tell me they checked 3 or 4 DAYS of footage and they cant see me? what nonsense. I go to the best buy that had incorrectly packaged the TV and the manager who had gave the information denied anything we had told him. The manager who had told the employee to handle our TV that day had acknowledged we were there. I told him the exact date we came and he would check the footage AGAIN. However, he said he was gonna go on vacation and I had to wait till next week. I had no other option, so I waited. nothing happened and I called their customer service last saturday to report what had happened. I decided to bring this to the forums to make sure I can get this resolved.

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Re: Broken TV Incorrectly packed by Best Buy.

The title says Broken TV incorrectly packed by best buy but I meant TV broken by best buy incorrectly packing

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Re: Broken TV Incorrectly packed by Best Buy.

Hello R1968,


Thank you for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums. That sounds like a very disappointing and frustrating experience.


Under our Return & Exchange Promise damages items such as scratched televisions cannot be returned. That said, I’d like to take a look a little deeper into this for you. To do that, however, I’ll need a bit of additional information about this purchase. Because we respect your privacy, I’ll be reaching out to you through a private message to gather this information. You can check this message by logging in to your forum account and clicking on the orange envelope in the top right corner of the screen.



Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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