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Open Box - Satisfactory: Missing Subwoofer and Power Cord

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I purchased the Samsung - 3.1.2-Channel 330W Soundbar with 8" Wireless Subwoofer - Slate Black + Carbon Silver, Model:HW-Q70R/ZA SKU:6327847 in Open Box Satisfactory condition, Order # {removed per forum guidelines}.  It says for a Satisfactory condition that "Nonessential parts or accessories may be missing", implying vital parts would not be missing, but both the Subwoofer and the AC power cord to the soundbar were missing.  How can this issue be fixed?

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False Advertising - Open Box Satisfactory

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I purchased a Samsung Frame TV in Dec 2020 that was an open box, listed in satisfactory condition. Upon returning home, I discovered that the packaging did not include the proprietary, essential parts needed to power the TV - the Samsung One Connect Box and Samsung One Invisible Connection Fiber Optic Cable. Per Best Buy's website, there is a distinct difference between an open box listed in Satisfactory vs Fair condition. 


"Products in Satisfactory condition show minor to moderate signs of use that affect cosmetic appearance, but have no impact on performance. If the product has a screen, it is intact and fully functional, with no visible blemishes in the viewing area. (A Satisfactory product does not include dents, chips, cracks or deep scratches.) In addition, original packaging is typically not present, and nonessential parts or accessories might be missing, such as a commonly available cable or remote (identified on each individual product). Products in Satisfactory condition can be found in Best Buy stores or online for Store Pickup (selection varies), where the factors mentioned above are accounted for in the savings you'll see."


"Products in Fair condition operate as intended, but show more significant scratches, dents or chips — for example, an appliance returned to a Best Buy store with a dent or large scratch or a TV with a minor scuff on the screen that doesn't affect viewing quality. Original packaging is typically not included and vital accessories are commonly missing, like a TV pedestal or a proprietary cable (identified on each individual product). Products in Fair condition can be found in Best Buy stores or online for Store Pickup (selection varies), where the factors mentioned above are accounted for in the savings you'll see. If you can accept visible flaws, you'll also realize substantial savings."


This is a very blatant case of false advertising and no one in customer service has provided me with any sort of resolution.  I bought and paid for a TV in satisfactory condition, not fair condition, and want like the fiber optic cable and power box that should have been included with my purchase. 


Order Number: {removed per forum guidelines}

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Open box purchase with No Missing missing accessories

I ordered a tablet through the website-
Condition: Excellent.
Missing Accessories: No Missing Accessories
Comments: None.

It is missing the wall/USB charger. I was told that I have to go to the nearest store to see what can be done...the nearest store is about a 2 hour drive roundtrip...I wasn't told if I would even receive a charger when I get there. By no means do I expect everyone to stop and bend over backwards to accommodate me. But surely something else can be done considering this was not an oversight on my end.
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Open box computer quality misrepresented

I purchased an open box computer with the listed quality as excellent. The computer has multiple areas of scratching and cosmetic damage, and I don’t believe that this is consistent with what is stated as the quality of an excellent open box item. I would like the price difference for the appropriate open box refunded. I can provide order number, as well as multiple photographs of the cosmetic damage.
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Open box laptop

Hi guys i had recived a asus rog m15 gu502lw laptop from a friend and i pay brand-new price for it but it's look like a open box laptop how can i check this is brand-new or open box ?
My friend doesn't give me shop factor or other informations.
I am in dubai now and i can't go to best buy in US.
I want check this by seial number
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Open box excellent product was damaged and missing pieces

I ordered an open box excellent xbox elite series 2 controller from your online store and it came with a broken piece on it and without the charging dock that is supposed to be included with it. It also didn't come in the box that it was supposed to
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Purchased certified open box and received wrong laptop charger

I purchased a Dell laptop Jan 4 2020.   This was CERTIFIED, open box.   The laptop was sent with the wrong charger (for a Razer laptop, not compatible).  I  called support who gave me a number to take to a retail store.  I went to a best buy store and they were not able to help with replacing or refunding and had no idea what the number was for.   I called support again and they first offered a 10% discount, but then said it was not available as an option and could not help.  They offered a full refund but they could not guarantee the same item at the same price.


I reviewed my shipping info, and saw the item was shipped from Southern California.  One of the Geek Squad workers thought it was sent from Woodland Hills.  I thought  calling the store to see if they had misplaced the charger and shipping the correct charger would work.  However, phone calls to the store say that "due to high volume" no phone calls were being taken.


I would like to get the correct 230 watt, high output charger for my gaming laptop as it requires high power during editing/gaming.   Or I would like a discount so I could at least buy it.     So far for a certified product with an incorrect charger I've been given no assistance.