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Missing Cords for Open-Box Excellent monitor

Hello! So I knew I was taking a risk by getting an open box, but I still had hope for getting the Excellent one. Unfortunately the box did not include the VGA, HDMI, and aux cord. To be honest, I am a little worried to try the screen (connecting to laptop so I definitely need an HDMI) because the screen itself was not in the styrofoam fully. I'm hoping to get the cords replaced since they were not included like they were suppose to be. Thank you and hope to resolve this soon!

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Missing tv remote

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Hi - I just picked up an open box in excellent condition - it was all supposed to be in the box but returned. However, there was no remote. I’m not going into stores due to covid - can I please have a remote shipped to my house? Or another one available via curbside. I’d hate to return the tv. Order {removed per forum guidelines}

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Never buy an open box appliance

This is to share a rediculous appliance purchase experience I had this week.


I haven’t ordered anything from Best Buy in a long time, and it now it will probably be a long time, if ever, I do so again. I am terribly disappointed and can hardly believe the following could have happened.

I plan to spread the word for people to absolutely never buy an open box appliance from Best Buy. I purchased a mini fridge as open box – excellent condition. Whoever grades the condition of the open box fridges was very negligent. All that had to be done is to open the freezer door and they have seen puncture holes and dents. An extremely lazy person graded this fridge as excellent, when it should NOT have been sold at all.


UPS delivered the fridge outside and not undercover at my son’s apartment building. AND IT WAS LEFT UPSIDE DOWN IN A BOX THAT DID NOT HAVE A TOP (or bottom if it was right side up). Talk about open box!!

There was no attempt to deliver it to my son’s apartment door. My son found the fridge outside of where mail is delivered. Again, it had no top at all and the fridge was upside down. He saw the bottom of the fridge and exposed wires, etc.

Most likely what happened is that this fridge was a return. The box was cut around the bottom so that the box could be slipped off over the top of the fridge. It is baffling that UPS delivered it at all. More lazy workers who don’t care about doing a good job.

BB appliance fulfillment people either shipped this fridge with the entire bottom of the box missing, or more likely they did a terrible job of covering/closing the box for shipment.

After my son brought the box to his apartment (which UPS should have done), he saw the damage and realized the actual condition of the fridge was open box – wrecked useless piece of garbage.

The UPS guy did not attempt to get a signature upon delivery – if so, he would have had to put it right back on his truck. UPS said it is up to Best Buy to instruct UPS to require a signature upon delivery. When I ordered this product there was no option given for me to request this. However, it seemed to me that for a delivery like this the default would be signature required. Regardless, anyone with an ounce of common sense would not have delivered the fridge like that.


I am very, very dissapointed. But at least I can also share my experience via comsumer complaint outlets, social media etc so that other people can avoid having a bad experience like this.

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on line order, store pick up. disappointed

I lost my Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E over the weekend.  Had to get a replacement.  Found on Best refurbished units at a deep discount.  Found that the store south of Denver International Airport in SE Aurora was the closest to me, at 60+ miles away via a toll road.  Placed the order, noted when the product was supposed to be ready for pick up and drove the 60 miles, paid the toll.  Got to the store, and the pick up counter staff could not find the order.  Sooo, not to waste the trip, placed another order there in the store for the replacement S5E and sat down to wait the hour for it to be pulled.


One hour later, no order, no pick up, no S5E.  Staff could not get IT system to produce what the problem was.  Finally figured out that the order fullfillment department had already closed for the day, 1 hour before the store closed!  Nothing for it.  Drove 60+ miles home via the toll road, acquirred another toll charge to come back the next day.  Got there next day and the tablet was there in the cage ready for pick up.  Joy.  Drove home (you know that part of the story)


Got home, opened the sealed box and find no power supply!  Called Best Buy customer service, waited on hold for 10 minutes to be told had to call the store.  Ok.  Called the store.  Waited on hold for 10 minutes to be told I had to bring the tablet, box and everything to the store, they could not care less beyond lip service about how far I had to drive.  Take it or leave it.  Would have to wait til the next weekend.  Got mad, order an identical power supply off Amazon for a lot less money than Least Buy and took all of 5 minutes and will be delivered in 2 days to my door.  Have to wonder why I need Best Buy?  Poorly done, Best Buy.  Poorly done.

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Open Box Excellent with scratches

I purchased an LG 27GN850-B monitor in the Open Box-Excellent category and discovered scratches, one moderate and one large, on the back. The description of open box excellent clearly states this wouldn't be the case. Will I get a partial refund or will I have to go through the whole process of exchanging the product?

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Broken TV, Missing Parts

Last week I purchased an open box - excellent condition tv from Best Buy’s website and had it shipped to my house. I did this in part to reduce my risk of catching Covid.

Tv arrives and when I open the box it is complete missing the top styrofoam piece that protects the TV during shipping... and what do you know when I plug the TV in the screen is shattered.

So I call bestbuy service where I’m on hold for 25 minutes. I talk to Sarah for ~45 seconds and she says she needs to transfer me but the wait time is nonexistent. Well when I was transferred I ended up on hold for another 49 minutes! Eventually I get in touch with a very uninterested employee but he gets me a return label & says a new TV will ship.

So I spend an hour the next day driving the broken TV to UPS & shipping it back to Best Buy.

THEN today (2 days later) the new TV shows up, this time with both pieces of styrofoam in the box but the TV is missing its stand / legs!! But per Bestbuy “open box excellent” condition guarantees all components are present!

So I call bestbuy support and their advice is “go to the store and exchange the tv” which one I don’t want to do due to Covid (which is why I got it shipped in the first place), two would take well over an hour, three how can I exchange an open box tv? They’d have to ship me a new one... OR the Best Buy guy said the other option was for me to contact the TV manufacturer... like “oh hey TCL, Best Buy didn’t give me my components, can you help them out?” They’d laugh me out of town.

How there is no option to ship component parts is insane!!

So long story short, I called TCL who gave me the name of their supplier which I could buy the stands / legs from. So I bought replacement stands / legs for $25 which is more than the money I saved buying the open box. And now I have to wait another week to use my TV.

Awesome. Thanks Best Buy!

Moral of the story is don’t shop at bestbuy and if you do just buy new, cuz apparently their open box descriptions are inaccurate and they guarantee nothing. Not that they package the TV nor that it has its components. Lol
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Best Buy Open Box Satisfactory Tv

Today I purchased an Open Box satisfactory Samsung Q80t 49” TV and due to COVID I decided I would open it at home. When I got home there was no power cable included. In addition, when I called the store no one answered the phone for over 2 hours! And when I called the main bestbuy number no one was able to directly help me and they simply redirected me to the store that wouldn’t pick up. All I found out was that a red sticker should denote what items are missing and it didn’t have any missing items mentioned. That means I not only didn’t receive a power cable, but am also short a REMOTE AND BASE!
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Re: Best Buy Open Box Satisfactory Tv

They dont have a way to send you parts. You should return the TV .
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"Satisfactory" open box TV not quite satisfactory

[ Edited ]

Hi Best Buy.   I was excited to purchase an 77" LG C9 TV from you yesterday, order {removed per forum guidelines}.  You had an open box "satisfactory" at the Manchester NH store about 25 miles from my house.  It sold for $2775, which was $925 less than the prevailing new price.

The satisfactory level for open box says "nonessential parts or accessories may be missing."  I figured this was the cables and the manual.  Instead, the thing came with nothing except the power cord.  No remote.  No stand!  Not even a box!!


That's right. The Best Buy boys brought out a $3000 TV wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap, with the bottom not even covered, to the parking lot. They put it in the back of my pickup, told me not to lay it flat and to be careful driving and they left.  Thanks alot.  I spend twenty minutes in the parking lot trying to tie it so it stood straight on end in the back of the pickup, after finding some items to protect the bottom a little.  After a harrowing drive home with many stops to cinch up ropes I got it home and installed it, on the wall because I had no stand.  It was difficult without a remote, but ultimately sucessful, and the TV looks as great as I had hoped.

Also, when I went to pay with my Best Buy card I noticed a credit I expected wasn't there. I can't recall exactly but I think it was supposed to be $160 off a $1800 laptop I bought for my daughter Xmas 2019. I spent an extra hour in the store getting a Best Buy credit card approved for this lousy $160 and then you guys didn't even fork it over.


I'm not sure how a stand, a remote and a box are non-essential; these are items necessary to transport and use the TV.  I respectfully suggest you try to be more explicit about what is and isn't in the (non-existant) open box.  And don't skimp on the bubble wrap either.


Anyway, I've been a pretty good Best Buy customer for many years.  If you want to make it right with me I'd suggest crediting me $185 because this product should have been marked "open box - Fair $2590" with vital accessories missing.  Also please credit the original credit card application discount that was promised when I bought the laptop. 


Thank you very much.


Very truly yours,





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Re: "Satisfactory" open box TV not quite satisfactory

Generally the credit card promos are in rewards points not dollars.

I've noticed from other posts they generally dont consider the "remote" as essential when selling open box TV's