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Re: Bought tv's they all had problems.

Why do all the complaints like this just get grouped and ignored?
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Re: Bought tv's they all had problems.

They don’t get ignored, they were combined because they have the same solution already provided in this topic.
I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
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Re: Bought tv's they all had problems.

That's exactly what they are doing.


My comment was moved here with no solution offered. Seems like it's somewhat common for Best Buy to deceptively sell open box items as new and then refuse to credit people for the price difference.


If I buy an open box item and then decide to exchange it for a new one, obviously I would have to pay the price difference between the two items. So how does it make sense that they can deceptively sell me an open box item as new and then refuse to issue a credit for the price difference?

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Disappointing experience at store


I went to the Best Buy in Elk Grove CA to purchase a TV. Went early afternoon and eyed an open box TV to purchase. The sales associate informed me that the remote and stand were in the back and that it came with the TV, this also matched the sticker on the back. When I came back later that evening to purchase the TV not only did it take an hour and a half but they were unable to find the remote and stand. Sales associate was really helpful and went to go talk to the manager who authorized an additional 10% or so discount which I agreed to. The manager came by to change the price but said the system would not allow him to do so and offered a universal remote to me at a very minor discount. Don’t think it is right that I was offered the discount and then was told that it’s not possible. I am reaching out on here to see if corporate will honor the word of the manager. Overall with the experience regarding accessories, price issues and time it took to purchase I am very disappointed and dissatisfied.
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Items Left Out of Box - $25 Billion Dollar Company Can't Ship a Power Cord During Global Pandemic

All takes place on 07/27/20 in Massachusetts. I needed a conference room monitor to work from home as I am caring for, and quarantining with my elderly parents during Covid. I purchased an open box item online for curbside pickup in Plymouth Massachusetts. It was a TV labeled "satisfactory - which may have cosmetic damage and some nonessential items which are easily replaced (like a remote) may be missing". Ok, so I was fine with that... it might have some damage, be missing a remote, but it has all essential items. I drove for an hour, picked up the item, drove another hour home. Turns out the TV had no items in the box besides the TV. No feet/stand, no power cable. No remote etc. The power cable is essential. The feet are essential, and they are not easily replaceable as I called several stores and they said they are not replaceable. The item did not meet the criteria for "satisfactory open box" per your website. Also, the package was mislabeled.


I called customer support. No exaggeration, I was on the phone with support for over 2 hours. Support (Rose) got an employee named Alex from the Plymouth Massachusetts store on the phone. Alex tried to inform me that the TV meets the criteria of "Satisfactory". He was wrong. I told him I could not drive back and forth to his store again and waste another 2 hours. He tried to call a store closer to me, but he could not get through. The other cust support person on the phone also tried calling the other store and she could not get through. Alex told me if I returned the item he would order me a new TV and would honor the original price. I told him I can not make another 2 hour drive and to please do this over the phone or online. I suggested that I purchase the item new online and he send me a credit or gift cert for the $40 difference. He said he couldn't do that. I suggested this solution to online support (Rose) and she said she could not help in any way either. They both told me the only solution was to drive the 2 hours back to the store or try taking the item to a store closer. Alex would talk to the manager at the other store in Hyannis Massachusetts. So because Alex could not get the manager on the phone, after the two hour phone call, I got off the phone and called Hyannis myself. I got through, I explained the situation on the phone, told the employee I was coming to his store, he said he would call Alex and arrange, and would call me back. I sat another hour in traffic, I did not get a call back as promised. I got to the store in Hyannis. I went in the store, they told me they would send someone out to pickup the TV from my car. I waited for 15 minutes, no one came out. I went back in the store and got someone again. Then I spoke with cust service there, they remembered my call but they would not take the item back and order the new item with the $40 discount. They said they talked to Alex and he said to just give me a power cord. I told them they must be mistaken, I told them the entire story (1) the box was mislabeled, (2) it didn't meet the "satisfactory" criteria (3) I'd now wasted 4 hours and I still had no solution to get the items needed. I asked the store manager to call Alex again. He called him, came back to me, he told me again Alex just said to give you a power cord. So now I am very upset. Alex told me they would get me the TV legs AND the power cord and because they couldn't find the legs he would order me a new TV and honor the $40 price reduction. Again the manager at Hyannis said "that is not what he told me". And he asked me to leave. So now I have to drive back to Plymouth another 2+ hour drive. This is what your company did to me yesterday starting at 11am and ending at 6pm:


(1) Delivered me a mislabeled box with an inaccurate description of what was in the box.

(2) Delivered me an open box item which did not meet the open box criteria on your website.

(3) Kept me on the phone for over 2 hours and did not resolve my issue other than to tell me to drive another 2+ hours and return the item. No option for shipping of any items. I MUST drive to the store again.

(4) Plymouth Store (Alex) was unable to contact another store

(5) Phone Support (Rose) was unable to contact another store.

(6) Could not provide me with the "easily replaceable" items missing from my order.

(7) Wasted 7 hours of my work day which I have to make up on my own time.  $35/Hr x 7 = $245

(8) Wasted half tank of gas = $30.

(9)  Use 100 miles of my pay per mile auto insurance = $25.

(10) After all that, I still can’t use the item I purchase and I am required to make another 2 hour drive.  


I am not getting in my car again to visit your stores.  Your company, and 3 different employees made several mistakes, lied to me, were unable to resolve my issue, and asked me to leave their store… all of this in the midst of a deadly global pandemic where where should leave our home and be around other humans as little as possible.  


You owe me: $300 cash, a power cable, and the feet to my TV as soon as possible without me leaving my house again or wasting any more time.  That's what you straight up owe me.  You SHOULD also provide me with an apology, and some sort of ADDITIONAL compensation if you want to keep me as a customer.  


Proposed Options:


(1) Send the $300, power cable, and feet via mail within 3 days.

(2) Send the $300.  Send nothing else.  Refund my purchase.  Do not require me to return the TV.

(3) Send the $300.  Send a new TV to my home.  Send UPS to my home to pick up the old TV.

(4) Send the $300.  Require me to drive to the store again and return the TV, pay me $200 for the trip and time.  Order me a new TV for the original price and send to my home.


You are endangering me and my elderly parents by requiring me to leave my house several times and come in contact with people during a deadly global pandemic.  The fact that your company is unable to send me a power cord and TV feet in the mail is absurd.  It's almost the year 2021 and you are a 25 BILLION dollar company.  Get your act together.

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Re: Open Box - Excellent Item Missing Accessory

Hi There.


I boutgh a lapto "Open Box Excellent" and the product arrived last week, on wendesday, but only today I check the purchase and it has missing  accessory - the power supply, I knew about that eight days later because I have not openend the parcel. I am happy with the purchase but I need the powersupply. ¿What I Will do?

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I am extremely thankful and appreciative of everyone who is working on the front line during this pandemic.


With that in mind, I am going to do my best to play devils advocate and vaguely blame my recent experience with best buy on the current situation.


I had my eye on this particular open-box tv for almost a month now. In the first week of my obsession, I reached out to a few stores and had the absolute best experience.On the 3rd week, I decided to go ahead with the purchase even if I had to drive 14 miles away from home to get the tv. Within less than an hour of purchasing the TV, I received an email telling me that the store did not have the tv in stock and that they would cancel the order if they were not able to locate it for me,


I called in and was assured that the tv is unavailable and I agreed to a refund. Fascinated by not receiving a cancellation notification hours after our conversation ended, I logged onto my account to check the status of the order. It was still active. I noticed that there was an option for me to cancel the order and so I did. I received a cancellation and a refund notice within minutes.


Amongst the many reasons that I did not purchase the tv within the first two weeks was because the TV would be listed as available one day and unavailable the next. On the 4th week, the TV became available at a different store . I tried to reach out to the store directly for that whole week (no exxageration) and no one answered my calls. I reached out to customer service and they advised me to place the order one more time and that they were sure that the item was available.


Actually, on the day that I made the purchase, a geek squad member who picked up the call at the item's location promise that he would have someone call me back before i went ahead with the order . I wanted to know what was missing from the box and also the status of the tv.No one called me back.


I was so afraid of losing out on the deal and so I decided to make the purchase anyways.


Subsequently, I tried calling for yet another 3 or 4 days to make sure that my drive from NJ to NY was not going to be wasted and again no one answered.


It was cutting close to the time that I was given to pick up the item and so I made my way to NY to pickup the item.


Upon arrival, I noticed that the store was nearly empty with more or less 5 customers inside (no exxageration there either). I tried to make a call to the store while I was there and NO ONE answered. I made my way to the pickup station and was greeting and helped by a really friendly employee.


I was told that the TV was missing the remote and stand. I did not want to go through with the transaction but did so anyways because the person that was called to help with putting the tv in the car was already there. I went ahead with the order with the intention of returning it right back the next day.


 I am not able to locate the missing items anywhere. My only option now is to mount the tv and that will cost me 150$. The remote would also cost me an avrg of 70$. I tried to see if I could speak to the manager about a possible credit on the purchase and again my calls went unaswered the entire day. I literally called the store 82 times and no answer.


I am left with the option of returning the tv (it is still in the back of my car) or sucking it up and put a lot more money toward what i got now when i could have just spent that money on a newer model within the same specs as the one I was trying to save money on.


If you guys could help me out, it would be great. If not, I will return the item ( I just noticed that I could return the item here in nj. I was really turned off at first about returning to NY)


Thank you

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They dont have parts to send. Your best bet is to return the TV if you cant use it the way it is.
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Open box TV purchase

hello. Ive been buying open box items for a few years now. Great deals on stuff I normally wouldn't have purchased. But today I ran into an issue. I bought a very large TV a couple days ago. Was told it had been serviced and inspected and good to go. Only to find out its having issues. I went ahead and checked with the manufacturer to register it for warranty repairs, and it says the warranty has already expired on the TV(5 months ago) the salesmen had told me the open box items come with the full manufacturers warranty as if I was buying a brand new item. He had said the one connect box had to be repaired, and it was now working. Also said it was a floor model, but somehow was already marked in the manufacturers system as purchased early last year. I sent my proof of purchase to them to see if they will change the warranty dates. Is this a common issue? Or does BB use returned items for display models? Or does BB register the TV for their own Warranty purposes?

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Re: Open box TV purchase

Sometimes geeksquad will cover the open box warrantys, however sence it's a tv they will probably you to return it.