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Certified Geek Laptop with missing charger - very disappointed

Hi All,


I want to share here my (bad) experience.

I wanted to buy a new laptop for my son's birthday which is next Friday, so I started to look at offers on BestBuy. I found one which was Geek Crtified and it looked very interesting. I initially was skeptic, because this is the first time for me I buy an open box item, so, after reading the Geek Certified policy and other related rules, I decided to go for it. So, on June 28th I ordered the item and on June 29th it was shipped. It arrived on June 30th, so everything looked good and fast (and I was on time for the birthday). Now the trouble start: on July 1st, I opened the box, the laptop was there, but the charger was missing. So, I have immediately opened a case by email and the day after (July 2nd) I called the customer care asking for the missing part. They said that it takes 3-5 business days, and I made aware they understand the urgency of the probelm. At that time, the employee told me that it put urgency on it and it would have taken only 3 days. She also suggested me to call directly the manufacturer to speed up things.

I called again on Juky 4th, and they said that it was not yet 3 business days and to wait. I called again on July 6th and they said that it does not take 3 days but 5 to 7. I stressed many times that I was short of time, but apparently there is no other thing to do than seat and wait.I am now going to return the item and ask for a refund.


At this point I am very disappointed by this service.


First of all, the item is marked as Geek Certified Open Box , which means that you have a warranty that everything is checked by an expert and expected to work as brand-new. In my case there were only 2 pieces in the box, a latptop and a charger, and one is missing. So, my natural follow up question is, did BestBuy really open and inspect the box? 


Second, the customer care. I am not asking for something that is not included, I am asking for a missing part of my purchase. You should give it maximum priority, and fix it in 1h, since it seriously affects your credibility.


Third: confusing information: I called 3 times and every time someone was pushing further the resolution with no clear deadline (3,5,7 business days?). 


Fourth: responsibility. Suggesting your customer to call the manufacturer means that you are declining some responibilities, As a customer, I have a direct relationship with BestBuy and I want to solve the problem as soon as possible with BestBuy. If BestBuy needs to call third parties to have it fixed, it is BestBuy's responsibilitiy to do that asap, not customer's.



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Open Box Item-Missing Major Parts- A lot of trouble ensued

I recently purchased an open box sound bar that was rated excellent.  I received it quickly within 24 hours which was great.  However when I unboxed it, took everything out and realized a couple of major parts were missing.  Being the covid situation I did not relish going into the store.  I called customer support and the only thing they could offer was another open box item in two weeks.  I decided I had no choice but to go into the store.  They were friendly enough but offered me nothing for my troubles.  I ended up having to purchase a new one for $100 more.  I was disappointed #1 an open box item was not checked thuroughly enough, I believe I should have been offered some sotr of discount.  I even had a birthday 10% that I could not use.  Disappointed.

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Re: Mislabeled condition of open box item & multiple Best Buy platforms refuse to respond

I just paid $1200 for an Open box satisfactory laptop.  It came without a power supply.  I was told at the store that open box satisfactory can be missing commonly available accessories.


Best Buy does not sell 180W Dell power supplies.  I tried buying a 90w universal supply, but that leads to an error message on start up and in windows I see the plugged in not charging status.


As it is the laptop can stay turned on with the 90w supply, but if I try to run a game the battery is slowly drained and never recovers due to the "plugged in not charging" status.


I would be very interested to know if you found a way to resolve this, because once the battery reaches 0 my gaming laptop is just a word processor.

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Open box tv miss classified

I purchased an open box satisfactory rated TV at La Jolla, CA store through the website. The label on the box stated the remote and stand was missing.
I got the unit home and discovered that the Samsung One Connect Box, cable and power cord were not in the box. Without those, this Q90r is a paper weight. I even called ahead of time to confirm that the one connect box was with the unit. This is very frustrating. What can be done to resolve this situation?
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Re: Open box tv miss classified

That’s not good at all, especially since you attempted to confirm everything ahead of time. As it was purchased online and is an open item, the only option is to return the item. Open box items are considered one-off items, as they all vary in condition and included accessories.

My personal recommendation? I would follow up with the management at the location where you picked up the tv. It is clear you were trying to prevent a scenario like this, and the individual stores make those open box labels by selecting condition and notating missing parts. Online, our website only knows what the store enters as the condition. They clearly dropped the ball, and it seems that they should be able to work with you to come up with another solution.
I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
***Know that I am not able to issue official responses and that my posts are only here to help before an official response is offered by a Best Buy Social Media Specialist***
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Open-box purchase - Openbox promise

[ Edited ]
I had recently ordered online an open-box LG sound bar (Open box ID: {removed per forum guidelines} and picked up from a store in Cleveland Ohio.  I moved to Columbus and here, I was asked that I should go to the same store to resolve the issue. I tried calling the store multiple times but unfortunately was unable to get in touch with anyone. I emailed them as well over 10 days ago but no response.
The item that I had bought was in "satisfactory condition" and as per the policy online : 
"Minor to moderate cosmetic signs of use possible

Any signs of use will not impact performance
Nonessential parts or accessories may be missing"

Now the item that I had got came without the remote and digital audio cable - which is okay but it was also missing the power cable - which to my understanding is an essential item - since the product will not work without the cable. So my question is: should the item have been priced as in "fair condition"?
Thank you
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"Policy" The phrase used when they don't want to do what's right...

I am venting a bit here, but on the other side its absolutely ridiculous that this was even a thing. 

Here is my story. 


Bought 2 Tablets. Both Windows Pro. Both Open box. One I picked up in store. The other shipped. Both, despite saying had all accessories, came without a charger. Charger = $89.99. I go back to store where I picked up Tablet 1 and they Discount Tablet for missing accessory. I purchase charger online afterwards. 2nd Tablet comes in, No charger. I call and this where I get angry. On hold for 45 minutes hoping for the same deal as before. Comes back and offers me $25 for a $90 charger. $25! Like, in what world does that make sense. He says the only other option is to return. I'm like, then why did the store just discount my Tablet the 1st time around. I ask to speak to a Manager and basically was told that all of this information came from a manager. Absolutely, ridiculous. My company buys TV's, Sounds systems, Computers, and Tablets and install services from Best Buy yearly... We will look elsewhere for anything in the future. Learn how to treat your customers and stop using the word "Policy" when you don't want to do what's right! 


Shame on Best Buy. 

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Open Box - Satisfactory Condition

I went online to purchase a new laptop. I am not a huge gamer but occasionally I will play one. My interest was for a laptop with a discrete GPU, for better photo/video production. I decided on the Asus ROG Strix laptop. No new ones in stock and one open box - satisfactory condition. Only 30 minutes away and a good price, so I purchase it for store pickup. I get to the store about 10 minutes before closing l, which is 6 PM in my area due to the pandemic. To my surprise I was given a bare laptop with no charger or the hdd cable for the additional hdd slot. I tried going back to the store this Saturday hoping that they could help me locate the missing charger because according to the store website, satisfactory condition will not be missing essential items. Store manager told me there was nothing she could do but that she would be willing to give me 10% discount on the purchase of a universal charger. My question is how can a laptop charger not be considered essential? I looked online both at Best Buy and other online retailers and this uses a 150W charger which Best Buy does not even sell. I wound up ordering it from another online retailer for $80 used. I tried to ask for a reduction even an additional 10% discount for not having the charger and was told that the computer gave them the price and there was nothing they could do. Help!
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Open Box Tv Purchase

I purchased my 2nd open box TV today and I was carful about checking the notes to see if it came everything and was listed as complete . I learned from my 1st open box to read the label as online doesn’t specify contents. But to my surprise the 2nd TV only came with the legs . No remote , no leg screws and no power cable. What should I do? Go ahead and make a return. I have to buy a specific Power cable and find the remote 2nd hand
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Was Sold Open Box Item at Full Price...

I recently purchased a Logitech Streamcam Plus online and picked up the item at a Best Buy store. I paid the full retail price of $169.99.


After getting home and opening the box, it was clear that this item had been previously opened and re-packaged. The box itself even appears to have a part of Best Buys' red/white open box labels that someone attempted to remove. The quick start guide which should be in the box is missing and the plastic bag holding the included tri-pod had obviously been previously cut open with scissors. Hard to say if the camera was previously used, but at a minium it was fully opened and re-packaged for some reason.


I needed the camera for work purposes so I went ahead and set it up in my home and it seems to work fine, but nonetheless it was dissapointing to be sold the item at full price when the normal procedure would be to pay the open box price. Especially since the item appears to have had an open box sticker on it that was removed so it could be sold to me at full price.


I have contacted Best Buy customer service both by phone and online chat. The only remedy offered to me was to ship the item back to them so they can send me a new one. I understand that this is technically correcting the issue of providing me a new item, but I need the camera for work. One of the main reasons I bough this particular model was because it was readily available for pick up and I needed it urgently. I don't feel that me now being made to lose use of the camera and wait for shipping is the proper solution for the deceptive way this was sold to me.


I am willing to keep the item I was given and was simply looking to receive a credit for the price difference between what I paid and the open box price that this should have been sold at. Presumably if I send back the camera I have they will have to sell it as an open box item anyways, so if I'm willing to keep it I don't see why they won't credit me for the price difference to correct the deceptive way that this was sold to me. 


It's dissapointing that there is a logical and easy remedy for this that Best Buy seems unwilling to make. Will probably look elsewhere for my next electronic purchase.