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Re: Bought tv's they all had problems.

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Open-box items are a phenomenal way to shop for items while getting a great deal. Some of these items are just like new, while others might have slight wear or cosmetic damage, and are discounted accordingly.


While we do our best to ensure all open-box devices are reviewed, and marked accordingly for condition and any missing accessories, occasionally something may be missed. Should this be a concern surrounding an accessory or part that was listed as included, please know we are currently unable to assist in locating replacements, so this would leave you with the option of a return or exchange.


Our open-box items will fall under our Return & Exchange Promise that generally allows 15 days for purchases to be returned or exchanged. Please keep in mind that open-box items are unique in their own ways, so generally an even exchange cannot be completed, even for a new, in-box. Should you choose to exchange for the new, in-box unit, you would be responsible for any difference in price.


For orders: You may return or exchange the purchase in store, or using the prepaid return label. You will get free shipping on your return by using our pre-paid label. Log into your account to locate your order and print the prepaid shipping label. Once you’ve packaged your order, put the return label on the package, and take it to an authorized UPS drop off location. Some exclusions apply.


For Best Buy store purchases: You may visit your local store to discuss any return or exchange options there based on product availability.


We greatly appreciate you reaching out! Should you have any other concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know.



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Excellent condition open box purchase

Hi my name is Deanna and I purchased a open box samsung washer online model WF42H5000AW that was supposed to be in excellent condition at bestbuy on May 25th 2020. I picked it up from the store in Covington on the 28th. I brought it home and put it in my garage where it sat till last night 6-10-2020 because I was having repairs done in my laundry room..Last night I unwrapped it only to discover that the drain hose was completely servered in half. And upon looking at videos on how to repair it looks like the whole washer has to be almoat taken apart..i have called bestbuy about replacing it but have only gotten the run around and having to call different numbers only to have to hold for over a hour at a my question is how much would it cost to repair...thanks in advance
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Ridiculous Customer Service and Product. I need resolution

I bought an Open Box Certified Laptop on May 25 and right when I turned it on I could see its s faulty laptop as it was making creaking sounds at charging dock like some screwes were left opened.


I called customer service, there was a long wait of 69 minutes. I waited and listened to that call waiting music all this time but nothing happened even after holding for 1.25 hours. 


I chatted with customer service, that guy was super super slow in replying. i chatted for entire 47 minutes and did not get the appropriate solution and they asked me to call the customer service and speak.


I called customer service and that lady suggested me to speak to geek squad.


Next day I called geek squad and they suggested to get the laptop replaced but they said geek squad can not check if they still have replacement laptop available, only customer service can check this. When I asked she also confirmed this was definitely a certified laptop as she could check it on the receipt and she referred me back to customer service. I was on hold for 35 mins and nothing happened so I had to disconnect.


Next day I called customer service, the lady confirmed she can see that the replacement is available but she could not see on receipt whether it was a certified laptop or not she could not replace my laptop with another certified laptop but was ready to replace with another lower value open box laptop. I was on call with her for more than an Hour and she gave up to help and said if geek squad was able to check it on the receipt then she should transfer me to geek squad and right away I was put on hold. After long hold I was with geek squad and guess what geek squad could see it was a certified laptop but could not check the replacement available and the person appologized and and sent me back to the customer service . I was on hold again and nothing happened.


I am so done calling you guys everyday.I have spent hours an hours of my time trying to get the resolution. I need a laptop replacement . Please contact me back.

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Item was unexpectedly delivered as Open Box, missing parts



Several weeks ago I ordered a new TCL 6 Series 65" TV. The initial delivery was cancelled and rescheduled due to the riots happening in my city, so as a result of that it took an additional 2 weeks to get the TV delivered from the original estimate. Understandable, riots are hard to plan around in advance. 


When the TV finally was delivered today it arrived as an Open Box item. I did not order an open box item, I ordered a brand new TV. I was assured that it was fully functional and that all parts were present even if not in their original packaging. I accepted the delivery under those assurances and the fact that the return/open box label specified that it was reutrned to get a smaller size, not due to defect.


After finally getting everything unboxed I then learned that the TV was missing every accessory other than the feet, which were thrown in the box in Home Depot bags with the screw floating around loose inside. The TV remote, manuals/documentation, and power cord were all missing. So overall, I ordered a brand new item and instead received an Open Box item that was missing multiple accessories after being assured by the delivery guys that all parts were present.


I have attempted to call Support but don't have the ability to stay on hold for 45 minutes straight to get an agent right now, the chat service continually disconnects me after a few minutes of waiting in queue, and there is nowhere to send an email, so hopefully this forum will get me somewhere.

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Passing off refurbished items as new

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Bought an item from and the item arrived today, but the contents were clearly used from all the scratches on the back of my item.  Not possible from shipping because the scratching also extends to the contact pads which are recessed on each panel.  Spoke with a CSR and all they can say is to return it.  But selling a refurbished item as new is completely illegal.  All I want is some sort of apology or minor discount for wasting my time and money.  I've always touted best buy as a great place to buy from to all my family and friends, but now I'm looking elsewhere after this experience.


Images of Damage:

{removed per forum guidelines}


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Bought a new game ( Predator ) for store pickup but received a used copy....pulled a switcharoo...

I purchased the new Predator Hunting Ground game today for the PS4..I went by today and picked up curbside ..I did notice the plastic wrap on the game was not the normal wrap instantly ..Also I could hear the game moving around inside the case, still gave Best Buy the benefit of the doubt....When I got home tonight, sure enough this game has been opened and used...There is fingerprints on the disk and the wrap is stuck to the edge of the case, think they got alittle to close then they were trying to reseal this one..

How did this happen if this game was in the store that only employees are allowed to enter and no one else?






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Dirty Sales Tactics To Trick Customers Then Managers Won't Provide Employee ID Because Scared Of GM

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It's sad that it has come to this... there is not even an email address so this story must be made public..




This Is How My Story Begins:



I have been waiting to buy the 15’ HP Spectre for the past 6 months. 



Friday 12th 2020


I saw an online ad from a competitor B&H photo for the same laptop on sale for $999


I called Best Buy My local Best Buy Store

store  @ 10950 W Charleston Blvd Ste 110, Las Vegas, NV 89135


Then spoke with a manager named Ben he was very pleasant to speak with and nice.  He then told me that their store stopped competing with B&H photo and he could not match a brand new HP Spectre for that price instead he said he would be happy to extend that price towards a open box version.  


Unfortunately his store had no open box units available .. We both discovered that there was one open box version and it was only available at the 2050 N Rainbow Blvd Location.


I asked if they could honor the deal he was offering me over at the Rainbow location.  He said he is unable to speak on that but He couldn’t see why they wouldn’t. He indicated that every store has different attitudes when making these types of decisions.


I then called the 2050 N Rainbow Blvd Location.  Phone(702) 631-4645  No one answered.


Given the urgency of this being the last open box laptop available in the city.  I called repeatedly all morning and afternoon and no body was still answering.


My next step was to contact the Best Buy customer care number at 1(888) 237 8289


Taking what Ben said into consideration. I called Best Buy Customer Care to get some more clarity if the store was willing to accept this offer. They then proceeded to tell me the store has the final say and they will add it to the notes that I was offered this deal at another location.


They were able to reach out to the store though the customer care system and book me and appointment for Sunday 2pm.



The next day I drove to the store in fear that someone would purchase the final HP spectre before the appointment date I had set.



I attempted to walk up to the location then spoke with one of the employee’s about the urgency and why I came before my appointment date.  He checked his inventory scanner and said it was still available .  He then instructed me to wait in my car or outside for 30 minutes (in the heat) and someone would be able to help me make the purchase.



I was finally after 30 minutes granted entry into the store with the intention of utilizing Best Buy’s Price match guarantee to honor the price of $999

For the laptop.



When inside the store I was met by a sales associate by the name of “Tech” he claimed to be the stores manager.  “Tech” had the open box model opened and powered on to show me. 


He said the cannot offer a new model Spectre laptop at that price but offered to lower the price on this open box version due to B&H being newly added to the restriction list of competitors.  He mentioned this despite no indication on the website that this practice was implemented 9 months ago at their location.  


The website currently states:


Its says online within the price match rules that they will not extend this offer to these specific retailiers.,,, and


He proceeded to sell me an open box version of the laptop discounted priced at $1122.99.   I asked for a lower price considering the B&H version was $123 dollars lower.  He then offered to further the price by $49.


I was still considering but he boasted that it was pretty much brand new.  He had the laptop out of the box and powered on prior to my arrival because he must have retrieved the notes on my profile.   He said he  tested everything and its completely working.  He then mentioned. “we just kinda opened the box ourselves to get it sold, if you know what I mean”   


Assuming this possibly is sales tactic the staff uses discount products I felt I was getting a great deal.


I went to take a quick look at it and he immediately started packing the product up right away and said we are closing now so you need to make a quick decision.


I took one more quick glance and realized it was missing the leather travel case that it is suppose to come with.   I told him that it would be required because I travel lots and would need to protect the laptop.   He then said that he had it and pulled one out of the bottom drawers of the kiosk.


He offered to sell me some add ons -  I respectfully declined because my financial situation wasn’t the best due to loss of work and the whole pandemic hitting.  I literally had just enough in my wallet with a dollar to spare.  The laptop is an important instrument for me because I work online so I figured I could make this sacrifice.


I left best buy feeling satisfied with my purchase and the great deal I got from “Tech”. 

My new dilemma – the purchase cost all my money I had for the month.. groceries. Gas etc..  I then sold my current laptop to a friend right away so that I could buy some dinner and groceries for the night. 


Later that evening I took out my new Spectre Laptop and began to set it up.  I then realized a high pitch sound coming from the Bang and Olfusen high end speakers this machine was equipped with.


--My anxiety increased because I was unsure if there would be another HP Spectre they would switch it with because it was the last open box model in all of Las Vegas after searching


  • I drove over 15 miles back to the store to seek a resolution with “Tech” the store manager.


I was able to get in right away because there was not many customers on a Sunday morning despite nobody answering their phones now for a 3rd day in a row.



I was greeted by “Tech” and I explained to him the issue with the laptop.  He apologized for the mishap.  He said that he did not sell me a broken laptop on purpose.  At face value I accepted his apology.


Moving forward how can we fix this issue? 


He then said that it would be out of the question to exchange it for the same model brand-new. I would have to pay additional money. Given my financial position this wasn’t an option.


I offered simply for them to just repair the broken speakers.  He said that they do not do that.  And It would take 2 weeks and I would have to deal with HP directly.  This is also not a viable solution for me because I need a laptop for work and couldn’t go 2 weeks without one.



I then offered to repair my laptop at a 3rd party repair shop that can do the job then just offset the cost of the repair from the purchase price.  – he responded  YOU ALREADY GOT A GOOD DEAL.  NO


I then mentioned that the leather travel case that was provided was the wrong size he then said.   I didn’t have to give that to you!  YOU ALREADY GOT A GOOD DEAL.



Maybe from his perspective he may feel that I received a good deal.  But from my view I have a laptop with broken speakers and one unsuable travel case.


I wish it were as easy to just request my money back but then I would not have any Laptop.   Instead of humanizing the situation and making up for his own error he turned me away.


My only recourse was to call Best Buy Customer Service once more.   I was connected over to the Philippines and the operator told me there is nothing in her power to do to assist me. My only option is to get someone at the Rainbow store to assist me.  


I then asked her who is the Gerneral Manager of this store she then provided a name:


Pat {removed per forum guidelines}– General Manager.



Since I had felt that any further communication with “Tech” would be counter-productive I assumed that he was the person that I need to speak with.


I called the store again.  – the phone was still not being answered.


I then tried another route and called the “ Geek Squad “ department to speak with someone live.   This attempt was successful, a younger sounding gentleman answered the phone.  I requesting to speak with Pat ( General Manager)  right away.

His response shifted quickly into more of a defensive tone.


He replied:  We are not allowed to let customers speak to Pat


He then transferred me to another manager. This managers name was “Nick”


Right away he spoke


“I know who you are and YOU GOT A GOOD DEAL theres nothing more we can do for you”


I then told him that I disagree.  I wanted to find a solution instead of reflecting or diverting attention away from the underlying purchase price to a solution to fix my speakers and get a proper leather case.



The conversation quickly turned hostile when I requested once more to speak with Pat {removed per forum guidelines}.  



He said “Pat will tell you the same thing and hes not going to do anything for you.”


From these word I had reached my boiling point with Best Buy from the inconsistancies.  The  poor customer experience and the disrespect.


I then asked Nick that this now is going to go down a different path.  I will need both of your real names and employee credentials  “Tech”  sounded like a nickname or a fake alias that was given for the other manager.


I said I want to speak with Pat immediately. 


He then hung up on me…



I have really got some bad customer service before but this was one of the most unprofessional things I have ever encountered in dealing with in my entire life.   The disconnect in communication .. phone lines down.   The  inconsistency with company standards and protocol .  employee’s failing to properly identify themselves and hanging up on me. ..The lack of empathy and failure to admit that they sold a damaged laptop which they attested to it being in prime condition.   The list goes on!



I appreciate you for reading this letter up to this point but unfortunately I still have a broken laptop and no recourse because the employee’s are withholding proper communication to the higher management in fear of being reprimanded.



My Simple Request.


1, My laptop is repaired or replaced with the next closest model

  1. My leather travel case is replaced.


Possible solutions:


  1. Just exchange my laptop for a new model.
  2. Ship in a open box model from another location closer to a las vegas store.
  3. Reduce the price of the laptop to offset the repair costs of the speakers and travel case.



So please help I pray that this does not happen to anyone else..



Model Number: 15-DF1033DX


HP Spectre 15 inch.  16 gb ram.



The old saying goes !  who you buy from is just as important as what you are buying...








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Re: Dirty Sales Tactics To Trick Customers Then Managers Won't Provide Employee ID Because Scared Of

I think you’ve misread, the websites you listed (,,, and are the only online presences that we DO match, B&H was removed more than a year ago. We also match local competitors, these are retailers located within 25 miles of the store in question.

As for how they handle repairs or replacements, outside of the return period it typically falls to warranty coverage that you have whether manufacturer or Geek Squad Protection. Anything offered by a store leader would be at their discretion.

Employee numbers are not for customer facing issues they are for internal use only. Name and position should suffice for any concern a customer may have. The moderators here work out of corporate and follow the policies as written, when they reach your post in their queue they may be able to partner with the store to help find a solution but as I said before any exceptions would be the decision of the store in question.

I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
***Know that I am not able to issue official responses and that my posts are only here to help before an official response is offered by a Best Buy Social Media Specialist***
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Re: Dirty Sales Tactics To Trick Customers Then Managers Won't Provide Employee ID Because Scared Of



When buying an open box item (which I do all the time), you have to accept some risks. It's possible that there might be an issue, it might have been a reason why someone returned it in the first place, or there can be some missing accessories, like my last laptop that only came with a charger, no box or any paperwork. If you're not happy with it, Best Buy will gladly take it back (I returned two open box laptops in the last few weeks until I found the perfect one). 


BTW. Sounds like what you got was a display model. They don't just open them to sell them quicker.


I don't think it's reasonable to ask for a replacement with a brand-new unit, or for Best Buy to pay for repairs for something that you can still easily return. I also had a Dell laptop that had a battery issue, and I was able to get a warranty service done on it while it was still within a return period. I ended up returning it anyway, but the next person that gets it will have a brand-new battery in it. So have you tried asking HP if they can fix it under warranty? An open box item should still come with full warranty.


What kind of work do you do online? For a thousand bucks, you can easily get a brand-new MacBook Air, or a Surface Laptop 3. There are nice Samsung and Dell laptops in this price range. Also, if the price match and the whole situation was so difficult, why not just order what you want from B&H Photo?


IMO your solutions are:


- Ask HP to fix the speakers under warranty

- Exchange the laptop for something else

- Return the laptop and buy another one elsewhere

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Received order with parts missing

I just received an order that I'd made online through the website. I opened the shipping box to find that the product's packaging had already been torn open. It was clearly used. I look inside and find that it was missing an entire part. I'd ordered a 4 pack of controllers. One is completely gone. So, the product was either returned defective and was sent to me in error or it was stolen (by either a customer or employee) and then shipped to me. I am absolutely livid. The wait time to speak with someone over the phone is over 2 hours. I can't go in person to a location due to closures from the pandemic and I have a compromisd immunesystem. There isn't an option on the return menu for this type of situation. I am just absolutely livid and have no idea what to do or how to get this resolved since this was entirely an error on Best Buy's end.