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Toshiba 43LF421U19 fire edition tv

Got this tv on the 19th. It was a open box excellent condition purchase. All is great except after 5 -15 mins the screen goes black but audio is still going in the background. Only way to get pic back is to power off then back on. Software is up to date. I only watch apps so no other external device hooked up. Have checked all settings ie screensaver, resolution etc. but nothing fixes it. Also have unplugged multiple times.

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Geek Squad Certified Excellent Purchase came without accessories as promised

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I bought a geek squad certified excellent chromebook. It's supposed to come with all original accessories or a suitable replacement. It came today, but without the charging brick. Phone customer service said I had to go to the store to pick one up. That is unacceptable. If I could get to the store I would have went to pick up the entire unit, instead of having it shipped to me. Please ship me the charging brick that goes with the chromebook. My order number is {removed per forum guidelines}. Thank you.

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Open Box -Excellent but missing accessories


I purchased a Samsung Wireless Rear Speakers from as Excellent open box. Unfortunately it's missing both the part to mount it to a stand but also the "torodial ferrite core" which does something important but I'm not sure. I already called the Elite member hotline but they did not help me and sent me all over the place without a resolution. I would just like the missing part without having to return the item and cross my fingers hoping the next one has all the accessories.

Can someone here help me?

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Super Disappointed in the Geek Squad Certified Open Box Process

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Yours guys tech and customer service used to be amazing pretty much bar none but this experience really makes me believe that you either have the wrong people working for you or you simply don't care.

So on Oct 6th I bought a GS Certified Open Box "Excellent" quality Laptop from best

On Oct 11th the laptop arrives

I open the box and find not only are the manuals missing... really no big deal however it's also scuffed and missing the power brick and cord.

Now I've included a copy of what you open box GS certified Excellent quality says is supposed to be the case.

Open-Box Excellent – Certified

Select product categories are eligible for certification. Each Excellent-Certified product has passed the Geek Squad® Certified process. Products in this condition look brand new — with no physical flaws, scratches or scuffs — and include the original parts1 and accessories, as well as the original box (or a suitable replacement).2 In addition, the product was professionally cleaned, then repackaged with care to give you a product as near to new as possible. Excellent- Certified products can be found in Best Buy stores and online.
  1. Product might not include the owner's manual or manufacturer registration card.
  2. Common home delivery products such as TVs and major appliances may still qualify for Excellent or Excellent-Certified condition without packaging or a box.

So I contacted Best Buy customer support case number {removed per forum guidelines}. Was told sorry there was nothing thet they could do. I needed to take it to the closest store and they should be able to give me a cord or do something to resolve the issue.

So I went to our Cedar Rapids best buy. I went to customer service and was promptly ignored for 10 to 15 minutes as there appeared to be no one working customer service and yet the area was not closed off. I had no less than 10 employee's walk past and look at me and not a one stopped to ask if I needed everything.

Finally the gentlemen working door security walks over and says sorry we are processing returns at the front desk. I quickly explained that I don't want to return it. I just need the missing power cord or a replacement. So he tries to call and see if anyone is working Customer Service. No one is. He tries calling the manager. He's to busy to come up to the front right now. He finally goes and grabs one of the geek squad folks that's been ignoring me the whole time to have him come help with the issue.

He comes over and says did you buy this from us? Was it our open box? I explained that no it was bought from Best he then says um well sorry there isn't I can do but return it for you. I try to explain that isn't what I was told. He just says sorry this wasn't our stores mistake nothing we can do sorry. But if you want I can refund it and give you $50 dollars toward a new laptop if you want or if you can find anything you want in our open box stuff.

I said well what I really want is this laptop that I ordered. He states sorry all I have are new ones and I can't give them to you for the price you paid for this one. I said okay how about the sale price from last week. He said nope sorry sales over now.

I was so angry at this point I said ya know what jus refund it. I'll spend my money with a company that cares about my satisifcation.

At this point I honestly don't know that I will do business with best buy anymore and I will be paying off and closing out my best buy card this week as well. I don't do business with companies that do not try to make a decent solution for the customer involved. 

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Disappointing shopping experience

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Good Evening

My name is Jashwanth {removed per forum guidelines}, On the morning of November 27 2020,my younger brother and I visited the best buy at Rivergate (Charlotte, NC) to buy a refurbished(open box) Macbook Air M1 priced at $849 for my bro, who is starting school soon. The associate who sold us the laptop was shocked to see the high price cut for a fairly new laptop. We were also sold the best buy credit card with this "amazing sale".
When we got it home my brother found out that the laptop had been overheating when idle and upon checking the specs,we found that the laptop was a very old version(2018 Macbook Air Intel Version) being sold as the latest Macbook Air. My brother was extremely disappointed and I immediately drove  back to the store hoping for a replacement.The customer services attendee (Jesus) was very rude. He was very unapologetic, infact tried to shut me up as I was voicing my concerns. 
Associate Romeo {removed per forum guidelines} helped us in getting this new Macbook Air and was extremely courteous and helpful. After which Jesus did help us with the refund and we apologised to each other. I understand things like this happen and I only wish best buy would take more responsibility for the inconvenience caused. For instance when we had a problem with products from costco we were given compensation and dealt with good empathetic customer service etc.,
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Bought a TV, but the remote is missing

I bought an open-box TV that was delivered today. The TV is working, but the remote control was not in the box. I'd hate to return the entire TV, since it's working; I just want the missing remote control. What are my options for resolving this defect?
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FORMAL COMPLAINT: Sold Tampered With Counterfeit & Opened Box CPU Processor As New

First of all I did not ever want to shop best buy ever again only as a last resort based on past experiences. Multiple times on hold 40 mins & over 1 hr then call just drops. Posted on Facebook & messenger and no one have responded and this item is supposedly out of stock now.


So my usual merchants were out of stock and since I did not want to wait, I reluctantly ordered the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X to be picked up @ 86th St NYC. The fact that I actually went out of my way and did a pickup rather than my usual have everything ship to me tells you how badly I needed this processor. Supposedly, I got the last one in the store.


The chip has no cutout square in the middle. It does not flush into any motherboards. I did not know if this is a production defect or did best buy sell me a counterfeit? The 2 pictures are the front and back of the processor. The 3rd is what all the other 3700x looks like that I've looked at online. The last ones are what AMD community says is going on.


So I took to the AMD site and forum for validation of what’s going on with this chip. And I have screenshot what is possibly going on. I’m livid that you guys try to pass me an open box item as new, let alone one that is tampered with. The sticker on the box was suspect to begin with. SHAME ON YOU!! Fix this now, do you or don’t you have an actual untampered, non-counterfeit AMD Ryzen 7 3700X in stock to be picked up in NYC??

Also from the request of AMD community I investigated the box the processor came in and it was indeed opened. If you look closely, you'll see the red order pickup sticker on the side was put on with the lid of the box opened. Why open a box to put a sticker on the side of it. It was an open box being passed as new or someone at best Buy tried to pull a scam.


You guys have engaged in shady dealings in the past like selling products you do not have and giving fake delivery dates, having us waste our time waiting for a delivery when it was not coming. Not updating that you did not have it and having me wait for weeks for it.


This was only a few months ago. This is the 2nd purchase from you this year of unrelated items and you got me both times. And I should have never came back after the 1st. I did not think a processor in a box would be an issue though.

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Missing Computer Cord

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I purchased an open box HP computer in "satisfactory condition". The email indicated that it would come with all essential parts. When I arrived for the curbside pick up, the employee came out with the computer in his hands and stated there was no charging cord. Isn't the powercord considered an essential piece? Can you help with this please?


Thank you,

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Re: Missing Computer Cord

You are better off going back to the store as they are the ones that can help with this. If it was an online purchase this can be handled differently by BBY cs.

***Please keep in mind that I am not employed by Best Buy and are just a regular forums Super User and an everyday shopper like you. If you find my posting helpful, please add kudos to it. Remember to mark answered questions as solved if something helped you to speed up the answer queue for other customers***
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Vizio OLED 65 Inch, bought certified excellent but the stand, manuals, power cords are missing?

I just yesterday bought this 65 inch Vizio OLED. Was planning on buying a brand new one for $1499, but there was one listed for $1425 that was certified excellent with all parts included, cleaned etc. 

Since I was buying a Google TV for $50 I figured I'd take the risk and just get the open box.

Well the open box had none of the components it said it would. The box literally contained the screen, which looks to be in great shape, and the remote control.

I'll need a power cord at a minimum, and then the stand is really preferable to have. I could wallmount, but I am kicking myself for not just buying the new box for $75 more.

Can best buy supply me with a stand, or a power cord? If not can I get a partial refund?

I bought it online, and picked it up through curbside pickup yesterday morning.

Due to my stairs, my lack of ability to move things, and my car returning the TV to the store on my own power is not an option. If the store demands a return, will they send people to get the TV? I can't return it physically.

Thanks for your help.