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Bought tv's they all had problems.

During this past month I recently purchased a total of three tv's so far, two of them being open box and the recent one being  new one. All of them started experiencing a problem, the first one was a toshiba fire tv it turned on for about 2 hours and the screen just went black and I tried multiple attempts to troubleshoot the problem. I returned the tv and got the same tv again, a week later the screen started turning green,it turns out it was a software error. My current tv is now a TCL and is now saying its over heating. My question is I would like to return the tv and possibly get a discount on a tv, do i qualify for any discount. 

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Bought a gaming laptop at BestBuy and was scammed! Need advice.

I have called the police with no help.

I recently bought a gaming laptop through the online store at bestbuy for pickup in 1 hour.

I called ahead to make sure the item was brand new, they were rude and told me if it doesnt say open box, it's new.

When i drove up to the curbside pickup to get my item after paying for it, i noticed the factory seals on the box were completely torn off and the item looked used and damaged as well as spit or puke on it!


I quickly told the guy that gave it to me, he said "we can't take it back in that condition"


This is fraud and i have tried to report this to the police, no help!

I spoke with customer support phone number and no help, they told me that i can not return this item because it could be (biohazard)!!!


I just opened the box in my car and this is how it came, used, damaged, seals broken, greesy finger prints all over it and smears on the screen that look like puke!


I ended up discarding of the item because it was beyond FOUL!

I was scammed by you BestBuy...

What are my options?

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Re: Bought a gaming laptop at BestBuy and was scammed! Need advice.

I would imagine that there are checks in place to assure that Best Buy does not sell something in that condition. Especially during COVID 19, they would not accept an item in this condition. 


Since you discarded the item you may have discarded your rights to get assistance with this issue since Best Buy mods may require proof of this items condition as they offer you options to get a proper working and clean model. 


Also if an item is not in good condition you don't have to continue the transaction the store associate should of helped you with the return. You did not pursue this matter further or ask for a manager?

***Please keep in mind that I am not employed by Best Buy and are just a regular forums Super User and an everyday shopper like you. If you find my posting helpful, please add kudos to it. Remember to mark answered questions as solved if something helped you to speed up the answer queue for other customers***
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Bad Customer Service !!!

[ Edited ]

On May 24, I bought an LG 26CF SXS R LSXS26366S (order number : {removed per forum guidelines}) I made this purchase at Best Buy Bolingbrook Illinois #813


The sales representative suggested an open box fridge at half price. She clearly stated that the fridge was in an excellent condition and that it has been returned to the store simply because it did not fit the buyer’s space.


On the same day of its delivery, the screen displayed an error message CF which means that there is a problem with the fan at the bottom of the refrigerator that dispenses heat from the condenser. Such type of malfunction would require repairs by a trained technician. I called multiple numbers on  Best Buy’s directory the next day, NONE of them was able to provide me with a solution, not even a repair !!


I was a loyal customer for Best Buy for almost a decade and the only time where I needed their input, they ditched me telling me that they can do nothing for any open boxes.


I would have never bought an open box if the sales representative didn’t go above and beyond to sell me the fridge. I left the store thinking that I had a great deal and above all, a good product.



Besides the carelessness and inflexibility of Best Buy customer service, I was disappointed on how much time and efforts I spent moving furniture around to make room for the fridge and load it up. The fridge was not cooling the entire night so I lost all the food I had stored inside. So imagine how angry I would be !!!!



After this awful experience, I ll make sure that my voice would be heard across all platforms and may even contact third-parties. I ll spread only negative word of mouth to all my Illinois community and share this dreadful experience with everyone and anyone.

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New Purchase Issue

Good morning

I recently purchased a $4K Kitchen Aid fridge that did not have all the parts - I have made a host of attempts to contact Best Buy Customer Care to no avail - the chat line always has a message "all agents are busy" - the phone line never connects you to a live agent - Best Buy does not have an email options that I can find for Customer Care.....


This is extremely suprising and a bit frustrating that Best Buy has lost it's way as it pertains to placing service at the top of it's core values - customers do not need Best Buy; Best Buy needs customers.....


If you can recommend how I can obtain effecient assistance please share....  Thank you

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Worthless return policy

I ordered an open box dishwasher, it ended up having missing the mounting brackets, a broken drying agent dispenser and the wrong access panel. I called 1-800-304-1259 and was told I'd have to return the whole dishwasher. Are you kidding me? The dishwasher has already been installed minus the mounting brackets that can be added. What a complete scam.
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Missing Headphones from PSVR Bundle

I ordered a PSVR bundle, and it was delivered today. However, the paperwork states it was supposed to come with an included set of headphones, and they are not in the box.

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Open Box Nightmare Horrible service between 2 different locations



I bought an open box 4K TV that was supposed to be in satisfactory condition.  I followed the online order instructions and called the Mission Valley location before I arrived.  No one answered..  I parked in the parking lot and the employee said "yeah, we're not using that system".  Another employee helped me, and loaded my car with the 55" tv.


I drove 32 miles one way to pick up what I thought was a decent deal.  Instead, it was a fraud.  The screen looked smeared, scratched, and had bubbles..  How is this satisfactory condition?  It was not even watchable.  It looked like someone pushed the screen in, and cracked the interior display.


I called San Marcos, since that was my closest location, and asked if I could return the TV there so I didn't have to drive another 64 miles round trip.  After checking with his manager (the kid sounded like he was 18), he said yes bring it by and they will take a look at it to make sure I didn't drop it.  What?  Is this a new method of customer service?  Blame the customer on a fradulent sale of a crappy tv?


I took it into San Marcos, and a guy named Addarrrin (something like that) said there was no way I could take it back to San Marcos because it was an open box.  I said, aren't you the same company?  Well, yeah, but you have to deal with them.  I explained that I called ahead of time and it was ok.  I did not remember who I talked to.  Addarrrin then went inside and came back out and said "nope, you have to go to Mission Valley".


I drive 32 miles to Mission Valley and return the broken tv.  The guy who helps me said "that's ridiculious!  They should have helped you in San Marcos!"


Yep....128 miles later I have ZERO confidence with Best Buy, I ended up buying a tv where they value my membership.


I've bought appliances and electronics from Best Buy for over 20 years.  Today was my last.  You are not the Best, and you certaintly cannot BUY anything worth of value.


You will be the next BlockBuster, as you refuse to provide decent service, even when businesses need it most right now.



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ONLINE PURCHASE OF KEF Q150 SKU 5913610/Missing speaker grilles

I recently was looking through the best buy kef speakers to maybe purchase. I found the Q150 sku 5913610 and bought with best buy credit card. I set up speakers and after about 3 weeks I wanted to put speaker covers on them and guess what... NONE! Since I keep all my boxes I went to shed and went through it again..NOTHING. 

So after being very concerned I went on line again to check and they they were on the speaker itself..note there is a pic with speaker w/o grille one with grille and then one with only grille. So I promptly called best buy and got a geek squad person that pulled my order and we both looked at the speaker in question via sku# ..he said yes sir it sure does show them and I replied yes sir I know but I did not get he said he would send me email as to directions as to how to get them..I said fine! almost 4 weeks later still nothing so i called again..this time the geek squad tech said yes they should be in the box. I see its a magnolia purchase so here is there number call them tomorrow because they are closed at this time. Today I called and he tried to tell me that if you scroll down to the overview it says grilles sold separate. I said yes but if you show them in the main advertisement without saying not included I felt that everything in the 3 pictures was to be included. That's just wrong.

Then I noticed that under questions and answers a person said they didn't and then one said they did! 

The Magnolia gentlemen said i can understand your point so if you feel that Best Buy did not hold there part of the deal I would send a certified letter to corporate!

They should not even have put those pics o grilles on that page if they were not in with the speakers. Or if they did show them say in pic not included.

Sincerely ,Frank M

Corporate needs to take care of this..

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Open box excellent Xbox Elite 2 controller missing accessories

I ordered an "open box-excellent condition" xbox elite 2 controller and it is not only missing the USB C cord, it is also missing the tall thumbstick and the round domed thumbstick. The kicker is there are elite series 1 thumbsticks in their place... which don't even fit the series 2! Sounds like someone bought it, opened the box and pulled a switch-eroo, returned it and your QC process missed it. I don't have faith to return it knowing that i might wait another couple weeks and end up with the same problem again. I can provide pictures along with order info if it's possible to just get the missing parts sent!