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Bestbuy tax exempt out of state transactions

Hi good day! Anyone who can help me how to use best buy tax exempt wherein i don't need to manually email best buy for each qualifying out of state order. Is there any way where it would automatically apply for each out of state orders?
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Re: Bestbuy tax exempt out of state transactions

Hello @Yourclarity,

Good day to you too and it's my pleasure responding to you!  The tax exempt status is a great program offered to avoid all the claim paperwork afterwards.


In your case I would suggest you apply for a multi-juridiction license which then would be applicable accross the states.


See you again in the forums!






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Re: Bestbuy tax exempt out of state transactions

hi @Andrew_UN,


Good day to you!


Thank you for answering my query, i have another question if you can kindly help me with an answer or suggestion. How to apply for tax refund on out of state purchases ? 



best regards, 



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Re: Bestbuy tax exempt out of state transactions

Hey there, clarity,


Thank you for reaching out to us on the Best Buy community forum! I appreciate you taking the time to reach out with your questions about Tax-Exemption for qualified purchases.


Generally speaking, I would advise to review the FAQ here regarding Best Buy Tax-Exempt Quick Cards as it has some great information for you. From what I understand, if you are seeking a refund of taxes from a purchase made in a specific state, you should need a valid tax exemption certificate for the applicable state. That means, for example, that if you have a tax exempt certificate from Minnesota and made a purchase in California, then to receive tax exemption for that purchase, you would likely need the proper certificate from California. This is because each state may have their own requirements for tax exemption, though Andrew_UN is correct that there are some certificates that are good for multiple states.


So, with all of this said, it is my understanding that you would need to add the certificate from the correct state to your Tax-Exempt Quick Card by following the instruction on the FAQ I linked earlier to renew the card via mail or in a Best Buy store. Once you have the proper tax exemption certificate added to your Quick Card, you should then be able to email or send a fax to (952) 430-272 with a copy of the receipt and your 10 digit Best Buy Tax Exempt Quick Card number located on the front of your card. I hope this helps!


Kind regards,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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