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BestBuy sold me an Apple I-mac 5K 27" that is two years old!

I purchased an Apple I-Mac 5K retina display 27" on May 1, 2019.  Last night I needed to call Apple tech support and they told me this computer was made in 2017!  I asked if it was available in Canada on May 1, 2019 and they said it had been superceded and was not for sale on their website.  I called the store and asked if I could return the computer (in perfect condition with all packaging and peripherals) and pay the difference for the new version of the same computer with the Intel I-5 chip and 6-core processor, because I was mislead at their store level.  The Assistant Store Leader told me they don't have store managers any more and that I should have brought it back within the 15 day return period.  She said that even if I had brought it back after one month they would have gladly taken it back, but 3 months was too long for a return without a restocking penalty.  When I asked her how escalate my complaint, she gave me the 1-866-BESTBUY phone number and said that it would only come back to her anyway and she had the final say.  I listened to the telephone selection 7 times and there was no option to make a complaint!  I didn't appreciate being mislead, yet again by a member of the "Team Leaders" at BestBuy.  I explained at the outset, that I'm a novice with computers and didn't know how to find the manufacture date until Apple told me to click on "About This Mac".  Anyone else out there with a similar issue?

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Re: BestBuy sold me an Apple I-mac 5K 27" that is two years old!

First off, this support site is intended for US purchases only, the Canadian site does have a “contact us” tab, but with that said I think I can answer your questions. So Apple Model numbers, including iMac tend to be weird. . The info under the “About” screen states the introduction year for that model, there was a MacBook introduced Mid 2012 that lasted from June 2012 until October of 2016. The unit was updated with the latest version of MacOS every time a new one came out and it just stuck around.

I believe you have one of the models that was released in June of 2017 and was only replaced with a new model in March of 2019. If that is the case, in May these were on special with a decent discount while the newest 2019 iMacs had not yet gone on sale. Depending on the model, it was anywhere from a tiny bump in processing speed to a big jump on the high end model. The rest of the unit, especially the display, is exactly the same. No improvement.

While Apple takes down their website, removes old items for sale, then has an “Event” for the new models; it is unlikely for their retail partners like Best Buy to sell out prior to the release.

Basically, the computer had been replaced by Apple no more than 2 months prior and at a higher price. If you’d like to know more about your particular model vs. the one that replaced it click on your Apple Menu > About This Mac > System Report and reply here with the Model Identifier (example: iMac8,1) and Processor Speed (example: 2.7 GHz). I’ll be happy to give you how much change there was between the models.
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Re: BestBuy sold me an Apple I-mac 5K 27" that is two years old!

Hi, Skyray1982,


We appreciate you reaching out to us here on the Support Forums!

I would be curious about this as well, and I believe that @jdogg836 did a great job of explaining how the Apple model numbers work for their products. Please let us know what further questions you may have about that. With that being said, we would also suggest that you reach our to our Canadian Partners about any concerns that you may have with your purchase and any customer service you've received afterward. You can contact them via phone at (866) BEST-BUY ((866) 237-8289), on Facebook, and/or on Twitter


I hope this helps out!

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Re: BestBuy sold me an Apple I-mac 5K 27" that is two years old!

Could be worse, apple sold the "2012" macbook pro into 2016....

Its how apple operates.