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BestBuy Customer Rep Insulted Me and was unhelpful

I am new to searching for a Mac computer, I've only known PCs. I know there is a compatible difference between a Mac and a PC. With this in mind, I thought it best to speak with a Customer Rep from BestBuy to help me better understand the difference before purchasing my first Mac. I found an HP laptop that has the specs I'm looking for in a Mac. The specs were gathered from reviews and suggestions on what computers are best for video editing. While the suggestions are great to have, cost still plays a significant part in the purchase process.


Vincent S is the BestBuy Rep I spoke with on Aug 05, 2020, from 14:20:44 GMT until 14:46:56 GMT. During this conversation, the Rep was rude, unhelpful, and insulted my intelligence. I ultimately got the impression the Rep didn't want to be at work today. I expressed my lack of knowledge and my goal of obtaining information for the best possible purchase of a new Mac computer for video editing. Using the specs from the laptop I found on line I shared this information with the Rep in hopes that it would better guide him in assisting me.


This proved to only upset the Rep as his replies were short, sarcastic, unhelp, and called me a troll because I didn't understand his customer service style. I initially thought the Reps were to help customers understand what BestBuy has to offer and pair them with the product that best fits their technology-based needs. This assumption proved to be incorrect as the Rep treated me as a bother and ended the chat on their own.


This experience was terrible and one that, if this is BestBuy's standard for customer service, will absolutely be the reason I will not purchase any products from this company. Why does BestBuy have Reps like this and what are they doing to ensure Reps like this are not continuing to mistreat customers?