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Best Buy hates customers?

After hunting for GPU hardware for months, I thought I got lucky when I saw them available yesterday...only to be presented with a "special event" restriction for them.  OK...fine...what's this special event...a $200 YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION TO BE ABLE TO BUY HARDWARE?!  Is this serious? 


* Quick googling to confirm *  Holy hell, who thought angering customers was a winning marketing strategy?  Now I find out they did the same thing with PS5s as well, too!  What a disappointing move for a "local" company to me.  Even my neighbor who's employed by Best Buy corporate was ashamed of this move...


As a consumer this is outrageously offensive to the point of completely shredding the 25+ years of experience I've had with shopping at Best Buy.  This is very literally a cowardly attempt in scalping me to take advantage of the supply constrained market without doing it more honestly by raising the prices directly, and it angers me greatly.


If this trend continues, I will never step foot in a Best Buy again.

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Re: Best Buy hates customers?

If the exclusive access is all you are focusing on with the $200 membership then you are missing the point of Total Tech. If you shop regularly at their store you will find the benefits will pay for itself after time. 

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Re: Best Buy hates customers?

It most definitely does not. I have no need for Geek Squad, I only want the be able to buy the products I want without a required membership.

If I am stopped even one more time because of this, I will never shop there again.