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Best Buy has lost my family's business for good

After having a very unpleasant experience with a Best Buy store manager,  it appeared joining this forum was the only place to voice my situation.


 Let me first say I have consistently gone out of my way to make frequent purchases at Best Buy both online and in the store, just because I felt good about supporting my local Best Buy.  However, that has changed, all simply due to the non-receptive demeanor of a Best Buy manager.


 On 2-1-18 I purchased a Vizio 65 inch TV for a Superbowl party.  To be brief, the whole situation was a nightmare. I went out and purchased a new tv stand based on the "Vizio rep" on the best buy product page, who stated what the precise width measurements were of the legs.  Turns out the measurements were misquoted and made the stand I had purchased unable to accommodate the new tv.  Normally I would not trust online measurement quotes, but did so in this situation sight unseen, because it was from the vizio rep.  I then had to spend the entire next day hastily searching for a new tv stand for my Superbowl  party.


 Then on the day of the Superbowl,  the TV started having all kinds of glitches, it would not recognize my cable, Bluetooth or pairing with any other device.  I immediately called Vizio customer care and worked with a rep for almost an hour before being told unequivocally the TV was defective and needed to be swapped for a new one. I also discovered that the model number of the TV appeared to not match the model number of the TV I was supposed to receive and I may have been given the wrong TV.


Needless to say the whole reason for the purchase, (to watch the Superbowl) was down the drain.


I then attempted to contact my local Best Buy in Fairfield Twp, Ohio.  I waited on the phone for a total of 25 minutes, comprised of 4 different phone calls, with menu prompts that didn't even make sense half the time, before I even got a human being on the phone.


I requested to speak to a manager since I wanted to make sure there was nothing special I needed to do before having to have a neighbor help me lug the large TV back to the store and not make a wasted trip.


Eventually a manager by the name of Jeff answered.  Jeff actually had a courteous tone to his voice.  I explained my situation and the unfortunate defects that kept me from being able to even watch the game on the new tv, essentially ruining my Superbowl party. I informed Jeff that the model number of the TV may not be correct to tv I had purchased.


I also advised Jeff that when I had purchased the TV, it was the last one in stock and I wanted to know if I got there and they did not have that TV if I could get something comparable or if due to all the hassle something could be worked out on a upgraded tv. Jeff stated that he could not due any additional compensation if the TV was on sale, and I TOTALLY understood that since a lot of these TV's had really good sale prices.


What I DIDN'T understand is Jeff NEVER once apologized for the inconvenience, the hassle or not being able to use my new tv for my Superbowl party.  He was completely unreceptive, uninterested and actually was awkwardly silent during any of  my concerns. And I TOTALLY understand that my situation was mostly out of anyone's control.  But as a store manager, you make the customer who just spent a thousand dollars feel appreciated, even if there's not much else you can do, that’s all I ask for.


All he had to say was " I'm so sorry that happened"  or "feel free to bring it to the store and we''ll help make this right" or "sorry the TV didn't work out and we appreciate your business" or "we'll do our best to get it easily exchanged for you"...all this is "manager 101" talk that Jeff is oblivious to and couldn't care a less.


I then advised Jeff that I had never had so much trouble calling the store in the past and getting somebody on the phone was ridiculously difficult.  After saying that I paused for Jeff's response and there was just awkward silence!  He would not say anything, not a SINGLE word to address my concerns.  At this point I no longer cared myself and told Jeff that I would just bring the TV back and take my business elsewhere and he replied a simple "ok" and that was then end of the phone conversation.


 Shortly afterwards I arrived at Best Buy with the TV.  The staff was all very courteous as they always have been.  The only issue was this Jeff manager, who I don't know his last name.  The lady helping return the TV did not know his last name and could not find his business card.  I then asked if Jeff was new or what type of manager he was and she advised he was the STORE MANAGER, I was speechless...again.... speechless.


I have supported this store since the day it has opened, even when it would be easier/cheaper to go elsewhere. NEVER AGAIN.  And it's actually a shame that one simple interaction with such an inept employee could cause this.

But I needed to let Best Buy know this, although I'm just one person and this will likely fall on deaf ears, but that’s fine.


And I know that anyone at Best Buy would have to think that there two sides to every story and it may not have occurred like I said, but I have an app on my phone that records these conversations, as Ohio is a "one party consent state" which allows this. There is no way Best Buy would be able to properly explain Jeff's extremely cavalier attitude towards me.


I have worked in customer care plenty and even on a bad day Jeff's behavior is unacceptable for a store manager, that is, I guess, only if the store actually cares about retaining customers.  Nonetheless,  I have felt compelled to let all my friends and family who frequent this store, know just how much this store manager does not appreciate a loyal customer. In the age of Amazon Prime, you can't treat people like this.

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Re: Best Buy has lost my family's business for good

Hello and welcome, Brian41,


There have been far too many times to count where I made a purchase for an upcoming special event, and I’d definitely be disappointed if they didn’t work as expected when I needed them to.  Like you, whenever I have a product that doesn’t function correctly, I have the not unreasonable expectation that I will be able to exchange it for an item that works properly.  I was unhappy to hear that your concerns were not addressed to your satisfaction upon bringing this to the attention of your local Best Buy store.


Our management should be treating customers with respect at all times, and I apologize for this way this encounter made you feel.  While it seems you chose to return this TV and may be shopping elsewhere, I appreciate you bringing this to our attention and truly hope you will give Best Buy another chance in the future to offer the level of service we aim for every time.



Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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