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Best Buy card member for 12 plus years

Hello! I have been a Best Buy cardholder for 12+ years. I attempted to buy the Samsung GearFit2Pro on flash sale Sunday 4/29/19 for $79.99 using my card($0 balance & plenty of credit)but it kept coming up full price. I was unable to reach anyone by phone and also could not get to a store(closed).T he chat also would allow me to send the message but nobody ever came on to the chat. It would say first in line and then got to 29th. I finally got through to Twitter Support after the flash sale & was told I could get a $60 credit if I bought it at regular price. I placed an open box order so that the $60 credit would make it close to $79.99. I was then only given a $30 credit and treated rudely by Jenni on Twitter Support .I returned the item to the store due to the bad customer service & was going to cancel my card.  The store told me to call your 888# to lodge a complaint. I did but was told they don't handle complaints & to send feedback online. I did that but there was no place for my email address and it stated nobody would reply. I realize Flash Sales are only for a certain time but was hoping that Best Buy might allow me to buy a Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro at regular price & then credit me the difference between that & $79.99 or let me buy one for $79.99 due to the misinformation, hassle & bad customer service. Have a good day! Thanks!

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Re: Best Buy card member for 12 plus years

Hi there, nikejm17!


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Forums! 


Having troubles making a purchase is never fun, so I can understand you wanting to get assistance with your concerns about this limited time sale. Our team actually monitors both the Best Buy Support Forums as well as Facebook and Twitter, so I actually work closely with Jenni here at the Best Buy Corporate Campus. I have reviewed your previous conversation with us on Twitter, and understand there was some confusion regarding our offer and your purchase. As you had decided to purchase a different product (Open-Box) than the one originally discussed, we were unable to honor the offer that we had originally offered to you, but were still willing to try and help you however possible. I understand that this experience disappointed you and led you to return the smartwatch, which is definitely not the outcome that we had hoped for in this experience. We do appreciate you sharing your feedback with us on here as we are always looking for ways to improve from our customers. 


Should you have any other questions or concerns that we could assist you with, please feel free to reach back out to us on here, as we're always happy to help!



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Re: Best Buy card member for 12 plus years

The fact that I could get no help via chat or telephone the night of the flash sale, the rudeness of the Twitter rep, and the fact that the store rep told me to call the toll free number to give feedback and when I did the phone rep told me they couldn't do anything and to go to the feedback link on the website (which doesn't ask for my info and states they probably won't reply) and now your response is DEFINITELY 5 instances of awful customer service and worth $60 to keep a 12 plus year customer in my opinion. Very disappointing. Thanks!