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Best Buy Recycle Program



Best Buy reminded me again why I don't like doing business with them.


On Jan 8, I went to one of its stores in NY to purchase a new 32 inch flat panel TV.


On Jan 9, I read on the Best Buy website that it has a program where if it delivers a new TV to your home for no costs, they will pickup the old one. Hence, on this day, I bring my old TV which is also 32 inches to the same store I purchase the new TV at from the previous day.


The customer service rep tells me I need to pay $25 for the recycle. I asked her about the above program when a TV is delivered. She proceeds to to tell that service is also no free. She states that the pickup service of the old TV would be $15. So I stated that I should be charged no more than $15. The manager came over and gave me a "discount" to $19.99. I paid it and left.


So here's my point. Not so much about the extra $5, but I saved Best Buy money on delivery costs. Had I asked Best Buy to deliver the new TV, which I would not have been charged for, then I would have paid $15 for them to pickup the old TV. Now, I saved Best Buy delivery costs by going to a store to pickup a new TV of the same size and my reward for that is that I get charged extra money to get rid of my old one.


That's not very good customer service. I would be happy to provide receipts showing the store and time where all of the above occurred to prove what I am stating is true.


I know PC Richard's and Son would not have done the above. You left a very bad taste in my mouth on this experience over very little money.



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Re: Best Buy Recycle Program

Hello and welcome, dwong1105,


Thanks for choosing to upgrade your TV at Best Buy!  Purchases like these are pretty major decisions, and it’s not uncommon to want to get rid of an older model once you purchase a new TV.  Best Buy is proud to offer free delivery on TVs 51” and larger, and can even haul-away old TVs for as little as $19.99 when a qualifying replacement product is delivered by our teams.


In the event you wish to recycle a flat panel TV smaller than 50” or a tube TV smaller than 32”, most of our stores are able to assist with recycling those products for a fee of $25 per item, and a limit of two TVs per household per day.  These prices are non-negotiable, but I’m glad to hear our store management was able to work with you and come to a mutually beneficial solution following your recent purchase.


Please know I’m grateful you shared your feedback with us today.  I hope you enjoy your new TV!

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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