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Bait and Switch

I found on the website an open box laptop where there was only 1 available 20 miles away from me. It was at the satisfactory condition meaning no essential parts missing or accessories r missing. So on that same day 1/10/21 I drove the 20 miles paid 3 tolls and after sales rep attempted to sell me a more expensive one because the one I requested could not be found, I finally pulled it up on the website and after refusing the other at the register low and behold the one I came for was sitting there at the register. After I purchased it, what happens I find it is missing the power supply / charger, and being that laptops run on electricity that makes it an essential accessory. I told this to the attendant at the register and he agreed. He attempted to see if he can find it. When he could not the manager agreed that I should not have been charged at that rate and attempted to provide me with a reimbursement for the difference, especially since according to asus website it would cost me $135 not including shipping. He found that the system would not let him because corporate controls the price setting. Since I paid half in cash and card a refund they said will be a process and so instead I decided to contact corporate, since they r the ones who miss advertised and block the manager from correcting the mistake.
I called Best Buy customer support from the parking lot. I explained the situation and they agreed that I should be given a refund for the difference. As the customer service rep placed me on hold and she worked on it. After 20mins of working on it she got back to me, saying that she was unable to give the refund because my receipt has not been registered in the system yet. She said it sometimes takes 24 hours for a store sale to show up in their systems. She provided me with the trouble ticket / case number and told me call tomorrow and it will be taken care of.
So I waited the 24 hours and called. Gave the new customer service rep my ticket number and receipt number and explained. He said he would take care of it. After a 15 min hold time he got back on the line and told me that I should go back to the store and request it. I told him again that the store said their hands r tied because corporate controls it and that’s why I’m calling. In fact that is why I called from the parking lot to avoid having to drive 20 miles and pay 3 tolls again if something went wrong. I told him I’m willing to come down and accept store credit / gift card if they r having trouble with get refund, even though bestbuy does not carry the charger. He just plainly refused and said that all I can do is go back to the store, but who I’ll reimburse me for my time and cost. I told him I would like to speak to a manager, he said he would have a manager call me back, I even gave him my cell number. Guess what never received and call back, I even gave them a whole day to get back to me in case they were busy, but nothing.
Here is what they don’t realize, I’m not an idiot. I’ve taken everyone’s name from the store in west Nyack ny attendants and manager to the customer service rep and the managers names. I’ve time stamped everything and recorded it all. I have screenshots of the websites advertisement of price, availability and condition it should have been in. I also went to my local bestbuy and checked their open box items condition compared to what it is stated on the website and found 3 items that were misrepresented on the website missing significant parts like battery, chargers etc. This is clear case of the practice of bait and switch. I also have a friend who’s family r significant shareholders. I told him of my plans to report this to the state and already have the forms to the FTC and requested that he take a copy of my report after I submit it to the next meeting but he asked before I submit anything try one last time to resolve the matter, so this is my last attempt.
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Re: Bait and Switch

Hi, ParamusP,


Thank you for reaching out to us about your experience purchasing one of our open box items. Open box items are such a great way to save money, and I'm saddened to hear about the difficulties you've had in getting a solution to your concern.


We want all of our agents and managers to be providing accurate, factual information, as well as proper time-frames for call backs. I'm sorry to hear that you waited to receive a call from a manager that never came. I can imagine this situation has been frustrating, and I'd like to see what I can do to help.


Please send us a private message with your full name, email, and phone number and I can get started.



Looking forward to hearing from you,


Meg|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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