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Bad TV experience need help!!!

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What I thought was a good deal has turned in to a nightmare. I purchased a Samsung 75 inch NU8000 which was a floor display from the Fort Myers Location. I was told that it did not have a remote or a stand, but that my universal Harmony remote would work just fine. I already had a wall mount as this was a replacement so I should have been good to go. I purchased the 2 year warranty just to be safe. I do not have a truck to get the TV home, so I asked my son to drive from Naples to help me. Upon getting the TV home and mounting it on the wall we discovered that the harmony would not operate the TV. Some research online indicated that the TV has to be set up with the remote BEFORE the Harmony would sync to the tv. I called and chatted with the Supervisor who let me borrow a remote so I could get the unit set up. Upon getting home the remote I received would not pair with the TV. I contacted Geek Squad was left on hold for over an hour. I then contacted Samsung who after troubleshooting informed me that they felt the IR sensor or Bluetooth may be bad. I called the store at 8:45 PM. Was left on hold for 30 minutes. Nobody picked up. I contacted Geek Squad again, I bought the 2-year warranty perhaps I can get this fixed quick. I waited on hold for an hour again, no answer… I did a live chat with an agent, who told me I needed to bring the TV into the store for repair. I told her it was 75 inched and that qualified for in-home service. She didn’t know what to do and said I should go to the store again. A great price on a TV that doesn’t work when you get it home is NOT a good deal at all. I have spent my entire Saturday trying to get a solution to my problem so I can enjoy my purchase. Sadly, I won’t be able to enjoy this today. Packing up the TV and bringing it back is not an easy solution for me either, I will have to find someone with the means and time to help me out. I would entertain someone coming to fix the unit, but fear that may take a while and as of this moment I don’t have anyone advocating on my behalf. I will not put up with a non-functioning TV in my home for much longer. My expectation is that someone will contact me with reasonable solutions as soon as possible Sunday morning. I also believe that I deserve SOMETHING for my time today. Service after the sale has been awful… My receipt reads: {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Bad TV experience need help!!!

Hey there, ScottThomasSchuette, 

This certainly isn't the type of experience we want any of our customer's to endure after finding such a great deal in one of our stores, but I could definitely understand why you registered with the Best Buy forums to let us know about this. Best Buy should have options available to repair a defective TV, and I'm wanting to point you in the right direction to see what options may be available.  

For the size of TV that you've purchased you we should have options to get a Geek Squad Agent to get out to your home to troubleshoot what could be causing these remotes to not pair.  Our Agents are standing by ready to help at (800) 433-5778.  Since you're within your Return and Exchange Promise, you could also return to the store where this was purchased to see if they'd be able to further assist.  I realize this wouldn't be a simple feat because of being unable to transport this back on your own, but I would highly recommend calling the store to make them aware if you're considering this option. 


Please let us know if you have any questions after you speak with our Geek Squad Agents or a store leader and I'd be happy to see how we can help out more.  With apologies, time is not something we could compensate for, but I would encourage you to speak with the store about this too. 



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