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Bad Return Policy

I bought a WiFi extender 3 weeks ago.  It stopped working properly.

Bestbuy will not stand by the products they sell after 2 weeks.


I will be buying from Amazon from now on.  Do Not By From BestBuy!

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Re: Bad Return Policy

In the world of electronics, it is like a roulette wheel, you take your chances. New products for the most part will work but there is a chance that you may received a lemon.


You can try and go to the store and speak to a supervisor to see if an exception can be made to the rule but in general Best Buy's return policy is 15 days and any decision the managment makes outside of the rules are final. So if they refused, there is nothing that can be extended to you and you will need to contact the manufactuer of the extender for a replacement.

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Re: Bad Return Policy

To echo hockeycanuckjc. You can try speaking with a supervisor to see if they can make an exception. However without the replacement plan on the device it usually has to be taken up with by the manufacturer for replacement. A moderator will touch base with you as well just give them a bit as they take responses with posts on a first come first served basis. I hope this helps clarify a bit.
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Re: Bad Return Policy

I always like how people think saying they are going to never shop at Best Buy again in their very post asking for help is going to get them help. You're trying to offend the very people who would be in the position to help you.


You also have the warranty through the manufacturer. Your beef isn't with Best Buy. It is with the manufacturer.

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Re: Bad Return Policy

You should contact the manufacturer.  


Their extender stopped working, not Best Buys. 

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Re: Bad Return Policy

Welcome to the Best Buy forums jimmers100-


It’s terribly disheartening to hear your WiFi extender stopped working shortly after your Return and Exchange Promise expired, and I could understand why you’re providing us with your feedback.  Thanks for allowing me the chance to point you in the right direction!


I’d be unable to promise a different outcome than what was already provided to you, but I’m wanting to recommend working with the manufacturer of the extender because there should be a warranty through them, depending on the issues that are causing the device to not work properly. 


If you haven’t already, please reach out to the manufacturing company to see if they can’t be of further assistance to you, and let me know if we can ever assist you with any other questions, comments, or concerns! 



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