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Bad Experience at North Canton Store.

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Saturday (yesterday) I faced a very uncomfortable situation at North Canton Store.
I had my daughter and two friends visiting the store with me about 6:30PM, one Brazilian and and one from Singapore.
Myself, my daughter and Johnathan, the Asian friend, were talking about the products available and the options he has on his country while the other friend(Brazilian) was buying a phone.
We noticed that a couple of Bestbuy employees was following us, and one of them staring ate me and my daughter.
As soon as Johnathan took some distance of us, the employee approach me and my daughter asking what we were talking about with Johnathan.
I thought It was a natural curiosity due to our accents (we are Brazilians living here – legally by the way), but the person asked if Johnathan was trying to sell or offering something to us.
I asked why, and was told that some “ people” are doing that. I told he was my friend visiting us.
The employee was not disrespectful neither rude, and approach us only when Johnathan was far enough to not hear the conversation, but that was a very awkward and uncomfortable situation.
I’m pretty sure that the employee was instructed to do so, because when we all were leaving the stores other employees also stare at us at the exit.
Being a customer of yours for some time, I always come back to store due to the good services you provided until now.
Btw, I brought many friend to buys at this store because the company I work for is aways bringing people from other countries here for workshops and training. They sell American products in their own countries (Europe, Latin America and Asia).
I would like to ask the management to take precautions to not cause this kind of situations to customers and tourists/travelers just because of their appearance or accent. We are not criminals, and we bring business and knowledge to this (nice) place.
Again, the employee was not rude, but the situation was absolutely uncomfortable and the responsibility for the procedures is yours (Bestbuy) not the young people.
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Re: Bad Experience at North Canton Store.

Greetings SergioRosa-


Welcome to the Best Buy forums!  It’s disheartening to hear that you felt uncomfortable while shopping within the North Canton Best Buy.  After bringing many clients there in times past, we could understand why you’re taking the time to let us know about this experience.


That said, we could only hope to improve by listening to our valued customers and I wanted to let you know I’ve forwarded your post to the leadership team.  Whenever a shopper doesn’t feel they’re being provided with the service that they deserve, you bet we want to know about it!


Thank you for taking the time to share with us and I’ll cross my fingers in hoping you, and whomever may be accompanying, can return in the near future to be provided the expert service we strive for.  Now that you’ve joined the community, never hesitate to stop back if you have any other comments or concerns!



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