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Accidently scratched first 4 digits off of a best buy gift card

Well... There I was, ready to use my 25$ BestBuy gift card, the only thing I had to do to complete my purchase was to scratch the security strip/glue thing off that covers the account numbers. I tried using my nails, like every other strip I ever had to remove. That didnt work, at all. So I found a penny to attempt to remove it, this still did not work, next I used the blade of a knife, trying to be careful still. I managed to get it off, but in the process I lost the first four digits. 


I found several others who have had this unfortunate event happen to them also and I guess it can be resolved, please shoot me a private message if that is the case.




Also, why do you guys put such strong security glue stuff on it? I imagine this must happen fairly often.

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Re: Accidently scratched first 4 digits off of a best buy gift card

If you are the original purchaser of the Gift Card, and you have the receipt Best Buy can help with this issue. Otherwise, if the original purchaser is someone else, they would need to create an account on the forums for privacy and security reasons and request a replacement of the card. If they have the purchase details that is.

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Re: Accidently scratched first 4 digits off of a best buy gift card

Hello, friedolays,


Welcome to the forum!


I appreciate you taking the time to join and write us regarding your gift card. As, hockeycanuckjc mentioned, if this gift card was purchased by someone else, they will need to reach out to us directly per our Privacy Policy. Now, let’s look into this for you, so you can get back to making your purchase ASAP.


Will you please send me a private message with the remaining gift card numbers, your full name, phone number, and e-mail address? Also, was this gift card purchased, or a bonus with one of your purchases? If it was purchased, was it purchased on our site or one of our stores, or at a different retailer?


To send your message, just click on the blue “Private Message” button next to my signature. I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for posting!

Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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