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For over 20 years, every major electronics purchase that I made was through Best Buy.


Cassette Players, CDs, Refrigerators, PCs, TVs, CD players, Gaming systems, Receivers, Projectors, Laptops, Blu-Ray players, Home Theater equipment, Printers, Hi-End Cables, countless accessories...all purchased over and over by Best Buy instead of their competition. 


For the last few years I've tried to remain a customer, but each time I go there looking to make a purchase I'm given more reason to go somewhere else. Perhaps the people in charge really don't know why they're losing market share to the point of flirting with insolvency, so I wanted to take a minute to give some examples of what being a Best Buy customer is like.


Essentially, Best Buy always has an excuse for things and I'm tired of hearing them. 


Example 1:

I want to buy a receiver that Best Buy sells. Fry's has it on sale in their weekly paper. I can buy it at Fry's on sale for $500. Best Buy won't price match the item because, although the code used gives a specific discount to that specific item, Best Buy 'clearly states that coupon codes are excluded from their Price Match Policy'.  I, nor any other customer, cares that your policy provides an excuse for not matching the price. The only thing I hear is that I can buy the item at Fry's for $500 (Actually $400 with an additional in-store discount), or I can buy the item from Best Buy for $899....You just lost a customer to a store over 900 miles away. 


Example 2:

I go into Best Buy because I had previously made some purchases for my company and accumulated rewards points that I wanted to use to help put towards a $1200 projector. 'Sorry sir, but the rewards points expire after X many days. It clearly states it in our Rewards Policy' .....I was willing to overlook your ridiculous restocking fee in the event that I didn't like the projector because of the reward points that I'd earned. Because of the restocking fee, even if the prices were the same as anywhere else, there's a risk associated with buying from your store that I don't have to worry about elsewhere. Even if my points only gave me $20 off, at this point I know they've disappeared into thin air so the next time I think about going to Best Buy to look around for impulse buys..I won't. 


Example 3:

Many years ago I spent $400 on a 35' Monster HDMI cable purchased from the Best Buy. I spent that much because I was told that it came with a lifetime guarantee and that when ever the standard upgraded I would just have to bring the cable into the store and I would get a replacement with a new 4K cable whenever I had equipment advanced enough to use it. I brought my cable into Best Buy the other day. Can you guess how it went? 



No one cares that 'the fine print clearly states' why you can't do something. All we hear is that your competitors are offering a good deal, and we wasted our time trying to buy the product from you. As time goes on, we'll just stop bothering to check with you at all. 


You're losing sales to Fry's...the place with like 20 stores across the entire US. For God's sake, get your house in order. 



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Hello, Brian,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. Thanks very much for taking he time to join us and to share your feedback about this.


Under our Price Match Guarantee, we do not match any price that involves a coupon code. Because of that, we aren’t able to match any price that involves a promotional code. We’ll gladly match prices from local competitors that are available without coupons, however.


As for your My Best Buy reward certificates, those do expire under the Terms & Conditions of the program. I apologize if you didn’t get notice ahead of time about that.


I’d like to take a look into that Monster Cable for you. I’m not sure how that replacement plan would have worked, so I’ll need a bit of additional information. Please get back to me with your name, email address, phone number, and roughly when you bought that.


Because your privacy is important to us, I’ll ask that you please send it to me through a private message by using the link in my signature.



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I purchased a “cable for life” Monster Cable back in the day and that program was through Monster Cable, not the retailer. The good news is it is still in effect and posted on the MonsterCable website, same process is followed that was around then.

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