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A Long-Term Best Buy Relationship Ended

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To Whom It May Concern: The below note is an email I attempted to send some customer relationship representatives with Best Buy last week. There was no response, which makes me believe for some reason it did not reach the intended recipients. I believe this is important feedback for your company, so thought I would provide it here. I am disappointing to be ending a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with your company, but this experience shows me it is time.



I am writing to express to you my significant dissatisfaction with my interaction with Best Buy today, and why I will no longer be a Best Buy customer.

First, a short background on me. I am preparing to end a 13-year career with the largest hotel company in the world. Prior to that I was with one of the largest technology/management consulting companies in the world for nearly 13 years. I am leaving to start my own company, and my company will have revenue of approximately $1M in the first year, with about 10 employees. As you can imagine, I have some initial setup costs for my company...some of the first being technology purchases for me as I prepare to leave my prior career. I've been a Macbook user for many years, and have picked out the machine I want to purchase and am ready to move forward.

As I shopped the stores near me for the Macbook I wanted, I noticed that the exact same machine was $120 lower in price at Microcenter than it was at Best Buy. I have a long history as a very good customer at Best Buy, and wanted to keep that going. I know Best Buy has a price match policy, so I thought there would be no problem, and I could maintain my long-time loyalty.

As the customer service representative compared the link to the product I provided on Microcenter's site to Best Buy's product, he/she agreed it is indeed the same Macbook Pro. However, she said that because Microcenter listed on their site "1 per customer", this was not eligible for the price match. I'm not sure how many customers walk into a Best Buy, or Microcenter, or any other store, with the intent of purchasing multiple Macbooks, or other significant purchases such as that. This policy made no sense to me, and I tried to explain to the customer service representative, but to no avail. Best Buy would rather I spend my $2500-$3000 at another store. And worse, Best Buy would prefer that I end my long-time relationship as a customer. So that's what has happened.

Today I put my Best Buy credit card through our shredder. I removed the user and password from the keychain on our home computer, and deleted the bookmark from the browser. I deleted the app from my phone. I unsubscribed to regular emails. And later tonight I will be writing a note to customer service to completely delete my account...I do not want my information in Best Buy's servers/systems any longer.

I am sad it has come to this, and would prefer to maintain a relationship that I have seen as mutually beneficial for many years. However, I won't support a company that does not stand by its word or policies in a case like this where is makes absolutely no sense. So, tomorrow, as I purchase the equipment I need to get my company started, and begin shopping for the equipment my employees will need, I will be starting a new relationship with a different local company. And to be clear, I will purchase all of the equipment in person, at a local store...I am a strong believer in supporting our local economy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I can only hope it helps your company in the future.

Chip {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: A Long-Term Best Buy Relationship Ended

A quantity limit does exclude items to be price matched.

Bestbuy has a business division, that may be your better option for business related expenses.
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Re: A Long-Term Best Buy Relationship Ended

Understood that is their policy. Not understood...any login behind that whatsoever. And that is why they will no longer be my store for technology or appliance purchases of any type, ever. Nor will I ever recommend them again.

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Re: A Long-Term Best Buy Relationship Ended

Hello, Chip,


Thank you for posting to our forum, although I hate to hear about your recent price match experience that has led to your distaste with Best Buy moving forward. We'd love for you to continue choosing us for all your tech needs, and please know we are here to provide any further support you may be looking for.


You're welcome to send me a private message if you'd like to discuss your experience further. The blue option to do so can be found to the right of my name below.



Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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