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59 anual fee!!!!

I just learned that best buy is charging me an anual fee of 59$ that will never go away, I ve been a best buy costumer aver 2 years, my credit score is in great condition but they don't seem to care about that, I'll be paying off my 225$ balance and wil not do business with best buy any longer, they just lost a customer that spends over 1500 a year for 59 dollar fee , there is a wide variety of stores that don't b charge this ridiculous fee...
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Re: 59 anual fee!!!!

You'll want to reach out to Citibank, as they are the bank that extended that credit line to you.  As you may or may not be aware, banks like Citibank will use more than just your credit score in determining the exact level of creditworthiness and the the type of account to offer.  For instance, while a limited number of credit checks is to be expected and often don't reduce your credit score by that much, these can also be flagged by lenders as a potential risk factor.  This is especially true if they occur in quick succession.  To find out the specifics of your credit accound and see if you qualify for any additional consideration, you should reach out to Citi at 1-888-574-1301.  I am concerned that you are just finding out about this, these details are specifically provided during the process of applying for the card. 


Here is the most up to date terms and conditions for the Best Buy Card.  You can search the document for "My Best Buy Visa Gold" which will provide the required Disclosure Table.  While this document may vary slightly from the original document provided to you when you opened your account, this should match with the updated terms that would have been mailed to you.


Hope these additional details help.


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