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3rd party giftcards are nonrefundable/exchangeable even if they don't work?

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I don't know if anyone can help me or not coz these are non-refundable per Best Buy policy so I have no idea what I can possibly do.


Best Buy in-store carries Panera Gift Cards with PIN so I assumed carried Gift Cards with PIN too. Pin-less gift cards aren't really found anymore anywhere coz Panera no longer issues those or allows those to be used online due to gift card fraud a few years ago where people's Panera gift cards were $0 coz people easily figured out gift card #s & stole other people's balances off it. All of Panera's old PIN-less gift cards were just 8 digits off for the last digit of the gift card # & Panera used to issue those in sequential order so anyone could've figured out the next gift card number Smiley Sad


Panera issues gift cards with PIN now for the last few years or so since like 2017 or so. PIN-less gift cards can't have balances checked online anymore either due to this. PIN-less gift cards can only be used in-store now but I've seen online where people say the register doesn't recognize the PIN-less cards or it comes up as $0 coz the funds can still be easily be stolen off these PIN-less gift cards by an app that recreates the gift card's barcode just by using the gift card #.

I can't find any news stories about it other than people posting experiences of it {removed per forum guidelines} and {removed per forum guidelines} when they were first not working ... probably no current info coz these PIN-less cards aren't really sold anywhere anymore I thought.


I bought 6x $15 Panera physical Gift cards. I got my shipments yesterday. I'm horrified to find that all 6x $15 Panera Gift cards Best Buy sent me were old stock, the old ones made in 2015 without PIN as well as in sequential order, all of them have almost the same # other than the last 1 or 2 digits Smiley Sad The balance of these cards can't be checked online nor called in to check either by consumers & I don't want to embarrass myself making an order instore just to find out the funds on the cards are $0 coz there's a huge chance these PIN-less cards will come up as $0 due to the old system Panera used in numbering their gift cards, the funds can still be stolen off using gift card apps.


Is there a way to deactivate the funds on all 6 of these old cards and have them replaced with 6x $15 Panera eGift Cards sent to me instead? Hopefully, those e-giftcards Best Buy issues come with PIN, or have my local Best Buy (I know they carry the new Panera cards with PIN) fulfill this order instead & deactivate these cards that were shipped from

I did see the 1 star reviews like a year ago stating Best Buy was still selling PIN-less gift cards online but I thought was out of stock of those old cards by now & only carried gift cards with PIN like in store coz I don't see any recent 1 star reviews at all, but I see that's not the case coz somehow I ended up with 6 of the old PIN-less cards from 2015

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Re: 3rd party giftcards are nonrefundable/exchangeable even if they don't work?

Hello, adtr09,


Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your recent order. I have to admit, I do love Panera, especially for some soup in the fall. I can certainly understand the concern of having troubles redeeming your gift cards that you ordered from us, and I'll be happy to look into this with you.


If you could please send me a private message with your name, phone number, email address, and the order number for the gift card order, this will help greatly in beginning to review if these types of cards should still be in our inventory, and if there may be any solutions we have to ensure you have ones that are working. To send me the private message, simply select the button in my signature below. 


I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Melissa|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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