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3 laptops in a row, 3 different brands, top models, all defective--right out of the box. Never again

I bought the most expensive laptops, three brands in a row now. Dell, HP, and Lenovo--top models.


Every single one, out of the box--defective!


Started with Dell. That was garbage. Apparently all Dell are garbage I am told.I go next with Lemovo Yoga 15 inch. TOld that is a top brand.I get the most expensive one you have. Defective again, right out of the box. Then your people tell me Lenovoa are garbage, get an HP. Same thing! 


I do not as an immune compromised person (and a scientist) have time to keep driving back into the store where people do not wear masks, to return each one of the laptops. 

These laptops were very expensive!


Each one out of the box--within minutes--touchpad non responsive locking up and screen issues with glitches and severe pixelation.


For computers that cost 1400 to 2K


Are you kidding me?


I will force myself to adapt to a Mac, but I will not buy from best buy.

I will drive hours back home to the Apple Storie. It cannot be as bad as this! 


How is it that every single laptop in a row, different brands, high quality, your top models, each one is defective right out of the box?


To top things off, I bought a year long geek squad plan and that WILL be refunded or you are about to be guilty of fraud. 


I have reported you to BBB and consumer affairs.


This is why:

The worst thing:

I called, as a prtoection plan member, and after 3 hours on hold with geek squad, hung up.

I then called again to the local store, and was on hold for another 4 hours before one of your reps picked up the phone!

In the meantime, I went online chat, and I explained what was going on.

I have a screen shot, a jpeg, and a PDF file of the conversation on Best

I also have the calls recorded.

I do not know who YOU think YOU are, but I am a scientist, and more.


I wa blamed!


I was told it was my fault that I did not test the computer out, boot it up fully, log in to evertyhing, let it go through an hour start up process in the store, and I have got YOU, on screen shot saying this, and recorded call on the line with your team member Zach here in Wisconsin.


I was told that after the first deefective computer, that after I switched brands.I should have insisted that I boot the computer, register it, do the entire set up process, and hang out in a store, where people are not wearig masks, in a city, where peopledrink at bars and beat people up FOR wearing masks.


Are you OUT of your MINDS?!


I have screen shot PDF and JPEG of the conversation and call recorded~!


WHAT are you doing?


NOW, as someone who works sometimes with FDA filings and other things, it is safe to say that right now, during the pandemic, there is an unprecendented number of recalls and defective evertyhing--drugs and medical equip included--which is VERY scary. The FDA is seeing more recalls on food and drugs than in the entire history of the FDA.


Denstits are receiving cases of burrs which are all defective--entire cases!


Now, this is because people have anxiety and are not doing their jobs properly, in every single industry, on the planet.

And I can understand that, however, I do not think I can tolerate it. 


WE ALL have jobs to do right now. 


I have compassion for that, as well as someone who is not only a scientist, but has a sociology degree, and also went to school for a psych degree.

I am multidisciplinary and not without empathy or regards for the nightmare state of the world.


But one laptop after another, deefective out of the box, different brands--that tells me what I heard is true--all brands made for Best Buy with exterior chasis of the laptop has a label on it saying Dell, or saying Lenovo, orsaying HP, but the insides have nothing to do with that brand, are not proprietary parts belonging to the OEM, they are in fact, aftermarket garbage like samsung, whatever, for the hardware components.


Otherwise, what other explanation do you have, that three in a row of the top laptops sold at best buy all have the same touchpad/screen issues???


I recognize there are defects, but I sit here typing from an ancient desktop, and I have work to do whilst in the filed. I cannot do that, because apparently, everything single laptop=garbage. 


I have nothing to even add.

What does one do?


Tomorrow I return the 3rd and final laptop within a twomonth time frame, to your store,.

I will drive hours to the apple store.


I hate Macs. Hate.


Do not care.

I willl not buy one from your store.


Who knows if they are even real Macs.


Probably knock offs just like your agent told me they were.


Now let us discuss why that is, one moremoment, before I part ways.


Your rep told me that DELL makes computers inn advance for Best Buy, but the insides of the computers are NOT Dell parts. Outside label is Dell. Chasis looks like DELL. INside, NOT DELL!


You are all using the same garbage parts.


THEN, you insit on people buying protection plans, and rip people off more.


I just canjnot believe it. 

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Re: 3 laptops in a row, 3 different brands, top models, all defective--right out of the box. Never a

It's a shame you've had such bad luck with purchasing computers, statistically speaking you're that outlier data point that is worth pondering further.  


We buy our products directly from the manufacturers for retail sale.  These items are made by the manufacturers and their manufacturing partners, most are made in large factories by companies like  You mention that internal parts are "samsung" etc.  This is 100% normal.  Samsung has been and will continue to be a supplier of internal components for thousands of companies throughout the world.  The are one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world. You'll also see brands like Hynix, Foxconn, Corsair, Seagate, TEAC, etc.  Contrary to popular belief, computer manufacturers rarely build ever piece that goes into their computers.  Generally, they design the case and form factor the motherboard around it while every other component is an off-the-shelf part.  


Samsung is a major Apple component supplier as well, they have had a cushy relationship for years and supply lots of things like screen ICs and other microcontrollers internal to their computers. We are an Apple Authorized reseller and just like with HP, Lenovo, and Dell they come straight from the this case Apple.


Best Buy is following social distancing guidelines, disinfecting workspaces, and masks should be worn in the store.  If that is not occuring, that would be a pretty big issue and you should discuss this with the Manager on Duty at that store.  When the moderators reach your post, they can also take down your concerns on this matter.


Due to COVID-19, there are delays and slower repair times. If you're unhappy with the coverage you purchased, it is refundable for the entire return period for full value and as mentioned in the plan's terms and conditions can be returned for a prorated amount for the ENTIRE length of the plan.  


Hope this helps clear things up, there sure was a lot ot unpack within your post.

I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
***Know that I am not able to issue official responses and that my posts are only here to help before an official response is offered by a Best Buy Social Media Specialist***
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Re: 3 laptops in a row, 3 different brands, top models, all defective--right out of the box. Neve...

Goood afternoon, userpotato,


Welcome to our forums, albeit under such unfortunate circumstances.  Upgrading to a new laptop should be a positive experience, so it’s disappointing to hear you’ve had issues with not only one, but three laptops over the past few months.  I regret the inconvenience this experience has undoubtedly caused.


It looks like jdogg836 has provided some great insights here, and I hope you’ve found them useful.  As they’ve mentioned, these products are assembled and packaged by the manufacturers for sale by us, and while we hope each product is shipped to us in new and fully functioning condition, we’re unable to guarantee every product we sell will be completely without defect.  This is one of the many reasons we offer our customers the ability to utilize our Return & Exchange Promise to return their devices to us, should they find they’re not quite what they were expecting, and I'm glad you were able to discover the issues with these laptops early, so you can utilize this program.


In regards to any COVID-19 safety protocols, we expect all our stores to be properly following safety guidelines including wearing masks, and socially distancing whenever possible.  If your local Best Buy store was not following these measures, feel free to let me know which location, as well as the dates and times of your visits, and I'll be happy to document your experience for the appropriate parties to address any coaching or training opportunities that may present themselves.


I can certainly understand your disappointment with the three laptops you’ve purchased with us, as this is far from the experience our customers will have when upgrading their technology with us.  While it sounds like this experience has led you to shop elsewhere, I do appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us, and I’m hopeful you’ll find a laptop that will fit your needs.


Thank you for posting,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: 3 laptops in a row, 3 different brands, top models, all defective--right out of the box. Never a

Just a note....
There haven't been Dell,HP, Lenovo, and even Apple "insides" for over 30 years...

Most of the higher end machines are made by a company called Quanta. The cheaper ones tend to be made by a company called Compal.

Quanta and Compal manufacturer around 90 percent of all laptops. Doesn't matter what name is on the outside. The only difference is specs and warranty support covered by whichever manufacturers brand name they slap on the outside of the case......