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2022 resurgence of PS5 SCAM after app purchase

I am receiving scam emails again that fraudulently appear to be BB emails. This is the second occurrence of these spam/scam emails, and to make it worse, they coincide with online purchases from the BB app.

This is very annoying, and it apparently is due to using your app. The first time it went on for a couple of weeks of multiple texts daily. I just received my ordered item today in the afternoon, and the texts began same evening.

Your response and action will determine whether or not I continue shop online in your store. Make this right.

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Re: 2022 resurgence of PS5 SCAM after app purchase

If it appears to be a scam, forward the scam to a message center that your cell carrier setup. I know Verizon has a short code to forward to, to report these scams.


Read more here on how you can keep safe online:

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Re: 2022 resurgence of PS5 SCAM after app purchase

I recognize the hard pass of responsibility away from BB. This may not be the correct venue to address or resolve this problem with the BB app. I will look to see if AT&T wants to babysit irresponsible and non-responsive BB. Rather than pass me along, you and others looking at the other reports of this scam within this forum will be more beneficial. This repeated event has motivated me to no longer make app purchases.

It must become more widely known that the BB app is not secure and BB has done nothing since 2019 to protect their customers' privacy.