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My Best Buy™ Points and Promotional Financing

by Retired: Senior Social Media Specialist on ‎02-27-2014 09:45 AM - edited on ‎08-24-2020 12:10 PM by (12,975 Views)



The Choice is Yours


Up to 6% Back in Rewards

All My Best Buy™ Credit Card members get 5% back in rewards on Best Buy purchases with standard credit.  Elite Plus members get 6% back in rewards.




 Flexible Financing

Buy what you want today and pay over time on every qualifying Best Buy purchase $299 and more.




Q:  When did this particular change to the My Best Buy™ Terms go into effect?

A:  This change went into effect on 7/31/2013.



Q:  If I select a promotional financing offer will my purchase qualify for points?

A:  No.  A purchase that is applied to a promotional financing offer does NOT qualify for points

      (base or bonus).



Q:  If I opt for standard financing instead of promotional financing, how many points can I earn?

A5% back in points (2.5 points per $1) or 6% (3 points per $1) if you have Elite Plus status.



Q:  Will my purchase still count toward reaching Elite and Elite Plus status if I choose

      promotional financing?

A:  Yes.  A purchase should still count toward the $1500 needed to reach Elite status and $3500

      needed to reach Elite Plus status.



Thank you for being a My Best Buy™ member!