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How to Keep Your My Best Buy™ Account Active

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How to Keep Your Account Active


Q:  How can I remain eligible for the My Best Buy™ program?

A:  Your account would need to have some sort of activity within a period of 12 consecutive months.


Q:  What is considered account activity?

A:  Here are a few examples:

  • A qualifying purchase is attached to your My Best Buy™ membership
  • Be awarded My Best Buy™ program points for incented actions (example: submit product reviews on
  • Redeem a Reward certificate (in-store or on
  • Self-issuance of a reward certificate (Logging into and converting points into a certificate). 


Q:  What would happen to my account after 12 consecutive months if there is no activity?

A:   The points in your account would be converted into certificates down to the $5 level (250 points)

       and any remaining points would be forfeited.


Q:  What would happen to my account after 24 consecutive months with no activity?

A:   Your account would be cancelled, but you could create a new account.


Q:  How can I maintain my Elite or Elite Plus status?

A:  You would need to spend $1500 (Elite) or $3500 (Elite Plus) on eligible and Best Buy

      store purchases within a single calendar year.


Q:  If I did not spend $1500 or $3500, what will happen to my existing Elite/Elite Plus status?

A:  Your account status would be converted to the core level and any banked points in your account

      would be converted into certificates.


Q:  If I do not requalify for Elite or Elite Plus status in the calendar year, when would my status expire?

A:  At the end of February the following calendar year.  For example, if you qualify for Elite Plus status in

      2014, you would have that status for the remainder of 2014, all of 2015, and it would expire at the end of

      February 2016.


For more information on tier expiration, check out the link below. 


My Best Buy™ Tier Expiration FAQ




Thank you for being a member of the My Best Buy™ program.  For any other questions please visit our My Best Buy Program Terms.