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Expired My Best Buy™ Reward Certificates FAQ

by on ‎05-24-2018 12:19 PM - edited on ‎06-26-2022 12:04 PM by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist (43,111 Views)




Q. How long are My Best Buy reward certificates valid for?

A. Typically, certificates are valid for 60 days unless otherwise noted on the actual certificate.


Q. My certificate expires 30 days from when it was issued instead of 60. Why?

A. Some promotional bonus certificates are valid for 30 days rather than the usual 60. This is usually mentioned in the offer terms & conditions.



Q. How can I easily identify a promotional certificate?

A. Aside from keeping an eye on what promos you may qualify for, promo certificates may be issued without any change to your reward points. This means no points were added to your membership for the amount of the certificate, and no points were deducted to issue it.



Q. Why wasn’t I notified that I had a reward certificate?

A. Emails are typically sent when certificates are issued; however, we encourage members to manage their rewards account from their accounts as emails may be filtered, blocked, missed, etc.  There are factors outside of our control that may prevent delivery of an email.



Q. Why do reward certificates expire, and why wasn’t I made aware that they do? 
A. Reward certificates are discount coupons you may utilize in Best Buy stores or on Just as many other coupons, certificates do expire. We do our best to ensure the expiration date is readily available, as it can be found in the notification email and on



Q. Why were my reward certificates automatically issued?

A. All My Best Buy members have the ability to choose reward certificates to auto-issue at select reward denominations ($5, $10 or $20). In your Rewards section, tap the “Change” link to change your preferences anytime. My Best Buy Credit Card members will have the ability to set up point banking to save points until they are ready to issue a reward certificate. Point banking will be terminated if their Credit Card account is closed, and banked points will be issued as reward certificates. Any remaining points less than 250 will remain in your My Best Buy account and issued. For more information, please review our My Best Buy Terms.


Q. Can you reissue or reinstate my reward certificate?

A. No. Once certificates expire, we are unable to reissue them.



Should you like to have us take a closer look at your experience and ensure you are set up for success with your My Best Buy membership, please feel welcome to send a private message to our MyBestBuy inbox with the details below. 

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