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hello corporate i hope your listening,
this is for all the steelbook collectors out there that just can't take best buy's way of packaging and selling what they call collector's steelbooks. since best buy has 95% of the blu-ray steelbook market in the usa they don't care about the steelbook collector's. why because they know you have to buy the steelbooks from them. my collection is growing to way over 6-700 steelbooks and counting. how many times is best buy's warehousing gonna keep shipping COLLECTOR'S STEELBOOK in these flimsy crappy paper thin bubble mailers????? It boggles my mind that you sell them as collectors items yet you package them like there not !!!!!... i just don't get it !!!!! i will have say over the 3 years of collecting steelbooks that i had to return the damaged ones well over 30-40 times... not only does your shipping carrier don't care but best buy don't care either. helloooooo warehouse why do you have to ship them in a flimsy crappy paper mailer????.... you mean to tell me best buy can't afford to ship my 38 dollar item of my hard earned money and ship it in a cardboard sturdy box???? you need to get with the program and start shipping every steelbook you sell in a cardboard sturdy BOX!!!!!!!..... how many times do i have to write letters and call corporate and inform them of what's going on????
also, best buy stop mass producing them and then claiming there collectors items.... there not if you make a million of them. there worthless !!!!
since best buy sells over 125-150 "collectors" steelbooks online someone like myself needs to educate the shipping department!!!!!
i just hope and pray everyday that some other company dwarfs your compaany and starts producing steelbooks because best buy only cares about one thing . the almighty DOLLAR. not you. not m. not any steelbook collector.......

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Re: steelbooks

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Hello steelbook,


Welcome to our Community. As a collector myself (not of steelbooks, but of plenty of other things I enjoy), I understand the importance of a pristine undamaged product when adding to my collection. I'm discouraged to hear you've had such difficulties with damaged shipments and I apologize for any disappointment you've experienced.


I appreciate your feedback both on the shipping of the steelbooks and the concerns you have regarding the items being generally available as opposed to limited. As to the former, Best Buy depends upon our carrier partners to deliver your shipments efficiently and intact. In addition to having made your concerns known to Best Buy, I would recommend contacting the carriers (e.g., USPS, UPS, et al.) since you seem to be having a consistent issue receiving damaged goods.


In reference to steelbooks not being limited editions, collectibility has come to be defined by scarcity, but it hasn't always been the case. It may be only my opinion, but if there is a standard package and non-standard one (like a steelbook), the non-standard is inherently collectable regardless of production quantities.


In any event, I appreciate your feedback. Best Buy cannot hope to improve in meaningful ways without the input of our valued customers. Thank you for writing to us.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: steelbooks

For a second I thought I wrote this because you took the words right out my mouth! This valuable customer knows what he is talking about. I wont even go into further details on how they can improve bringing us Mint Condition steelbooks and making sure all game steelbooks even pre order bonuses must have shrink wrap!!!!! Either do it great or dont do it at all.

Best Buy Needs to really get with the program! Too many bad steelbook experiences due to there neglect and failing to listen how Us collectors know how to make it better, but it seems they dont care on improving.

I am an Elite Plus member and maybe they dont care to lose our business, but they should realize many are upset about having no other option then being stuck most likely with a damaged steelbook. I went to 10 Best Buys in my area and for Crackdown 3 with NO SHEINKWRAP all inventory in all 10 stores were damaged. This game took 5 years to make with lots of effort; they invest all this marketing money with Terry Crews, but meanwhile they cant spend the extra 2 cents per steelbook to SHRINKWRAP IT!

Funny how Need for Speed a bargain sale price of $20 had a bonus steelbook with shrink wrap, but Many major titles go unprotected and Best Buy should say they can not sell any steelbook pre bonus unless its shrinkwrapped due to many customers reporting damage complaints. On top of Xbox not making sure that Scanavo ( Shrinkwrap these steelbooks they just dont care that fans of Crackdown waited 5 years for this game and the least they could do is deliver presinte steelbooks with shrinkwrap. That can protect it from getting Scraped, scrarched, and dented.

Once its in a Best Buy employees hands with no Shrink Wrap and they dont collect Mint Condition strelbooks they can't relate sliding it and scratching it around. All that can be prevented with shrinkwrap. I see some employees toss them around and handle them roughly not realizing these are metal that can damage easily with too much pressure..
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Re: steelbooks

“Best Buy depends upon our carrier partners to deliver your shipments efficiently and intact. In addition to having made your concerns known to Best Buy, I would recommend contacting the carriers (e.g., USPS, UPS, et al.) since you seem to be having a consistent issue receiving damaged goods.”

ARE YOU KIDDING MEEE! Thats what you replied to this customer with... (SMH) Thats where you went WRONG buddy! You CANNOT DEPEND on your Carrier Partners because MONOPOLY CARRIERS will man handle packagesnand its understanding to know how to pack a LIMITED EDITION COLLECTIBLE propertly and the packing Best Buy uses fails in every aspect!!!!!!!!!! YOUR COMPANY REALLY NEED TO BE EDUCATED WHAT Mint Condition shipping means.

Its funny all these large manufactures and distributors pack so poorly when the customer are paying the premium shipping costs and greedy companies use the most minimalistic packing materials not understanding that collectibles get it collectible should be double boxed if anything and packed to a HIGHER STANDARD!!!!!

You will lose your cistomers to sites across from the seas that import shipping like its an art for them to protect your item. After 10 Best Buys visits today not one had a Crackdown 3 steelbook with No Damage. Very poor release and upsetting tonsee such a nicely made steelbook allnof them have Damaged mainly because they are being sent to the store bare and I really Thought I could get at least one mint having so many Best Buys in my area, but I was wrong.