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Re: doctor who Blu-ray

well the only thing i'm aware of is they have the same cover art only the UK does it right and theirs has Season 12 on the cover art. which is exactly what it is where the US has season 1. go figure, i dunno how much you know the dvd's of the Original show where we in the states had black cases on i'd say 99% of them  and the UK had greay with the tardis interior and they had booklets where in the states we didn't.


i would assume they are the same but i do hope we get booklets as well this time around. the other question will these be sold in stores and if so for how long or don't they know that yet?

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Re: doctor who Blu-ray

Hello Whovians,


Thanks for your continued interest in picking Tom Baker Season 1 from Best Buy. I have checked with my partners and have some answers for both of you.


This will be sold in store beginning June 19, but the question of for low long will depend on a number of factors, so I'm afraid I couldn't speculate on that.


Regrettably this set does not include the booklet.


Thanks again for reaching out to us on the forum. Let us know if you have additional questions at this time.


All the best,

Mike|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: doctor who Blu-ray

You guys have got to get better about stocking these kinds of products. If you don't stock it, we can't buy it, then everyone has to go to Amazon who I will not support.


When I walk into the Woodlands Bestbuy tomorrow I expect this to be on the shelf, if not I'm blowing a gasket and likely not shopping with Bestbuy anymore.


This is as ridiculous as the fact that at Christmas time you can't find a Mannheim Steamroller CD in stock at any BB store. Again, if you don't stock it of course it won't sell!!!


This idea that no one wants to buy stuff in-stores is absurd and stupid. We can't buy it because you wan't stock it! You guys are literally making it a cake-walk for Amazon to put retailers out of business...

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Re: doctor who Blu-ray

i feel your pain man on having them not stock stuff i want. sadly they on July 1st unless i'm told otherwise on here are going to stop selling cd's for good.


as for Doctor who, in case you are worried about them saying limited supply this is taken from a doctor who site i belong to and it's said by Steve Roberts himself. the man who works on these things



It's not limited in any normal use of the phrase.

Basically, the cost of the posh packaging means that for that packaging to be financially viable, it needs to be ordered in batches of, say, 2,000. So as long as there is enough demand to justify printing another 2,000 copies then the posh packaging will stay in production. It's only when sales get to the point where they don't expect to sell another 2,000 copies quickly enough to justify the warehousing costs that they'll possibly fall back to a more standard plastic packaging which can be had economically in batches of 500.

You are in absolutely no danger of missing the boat here.


in case anyone anyone on here gets worried.