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Will there be additional Spiderman No Way Steelbooks Available Soon?

I tried to pre-order the Spiderman No Way Home Steelbook to complete my collection of the set. Unfortunately it appears that the  pre-orders must have sold out the entire stock shortly after it became available. I had hoped to purchase a copy at one of my local stores on release day, but neither of them every recieved a single copy of the steelbook. It apears that much of the stock was bought up by retailers looking to mark up the item on ebay, since copies of the steelbook edition are starting at $90 on that website. Does Best Buy plan to produce more copies for their loyal customers who didn't have a chance to preorder the steelbook edition, or are they going to allow the schiesters on Ebay to gouge everyone?


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Re: Will there be additional Spiderman No Way Steelbooks Available Soon?

Hello, rditty, 


Thanks for reaching out to us on Best Buy Forums. I do regret that we would be unable to speak to future inventories, but we are encouraging customers to keep an eye on for the most up-to-date availability. If we are able to receive more copies from the manufacturer, inventory will be updated on the website first.




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Re: Will there be additional Spiderman No Way Steelbooks Available Soon?

So I'm guessing that's a no. I'll keep an eye out on the website, but I've never seen Best Buy order additional copies of steelbook editions once they've sold out in the stores. It looks like I either drop $100 on ebay for an item that was released on Monday last week, or I never get the item. Good job managing your inventory and anticipating demand for new items! The company clearly knows what's it's doing.
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Re: Will there be additional Spiderman No Way Steelbooks Available Soon?

These are generally limited runs in the first place, it's not up to Best Buy to "order" them so much as we were only allotted a certain number to begin with.  Sometimes, but very rarely, the manufacturer offers up some additional stock in the future.  For serious steelbook collectors, even if just certain genres or series, I always recommend keeping an eye on upcoming and pre-order release categories.  When you find one you want, order ASAP.  Don't wait.  I have never failed to get a steelbook I wanted going this route.  For super popular titles, they don't make it a day or two past the start of the preorder before hitting the full store allotments.  Sometimes after preorders we find that there are extras in the mix, or people cancel/payments fail.  In these instances, there *MAY* be additional inventory released the morning of the release.  If you're wanting to guarantee a steelbook don't wait for this final "release" because it doesn't always happn, make sure you get your preorder in when it starts as mentioned above.


If you're waiting until release date, or looking for copies of a steelbook for a title released on Monday of last week, you'll likely always find yourself missing out.  That or finding yourself going to the secondhand markets like eBay.

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Re: Will there be additional Spiderman No Way Steelbooks Available Soon?

One other thing that seems to be the concensus is that on the IDEA X forums, there was an idea to bring the Steel Book program to the USA as Canada seems to have one in place. The idea still needs nudging as Best Buy USA gets them as they are provided versus Best Buy Canada which gets them in more often. If you want this idea to happen vote more on it and get your friends to do so as well. 

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