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Why is Best Buy becoming Sears ?

I have been a video and gaming fan for years and was a happy Best Buy customer.

Now it appears that Best Buy has forgotten their core customer, video and music fans.

what's with only 10 yards of racks of 2 sided dvd's?


Best Buy is now becoming a Sears type store,  Refrigerators, washers dryers and phones?

I dont need all this big home products that people only buy every 5 years.


It use to be that Tuesday was a big deal, come get the new game,  dvd and cd release. Or just run in on a Friday or Saturday to get a movie for the family.

Circuit City and Hollywood Video are out of business. Blockbuster is on the brink of leaving.

Did Red Box and Netflix kill the movies and music from Best Buy???

Am I the only one under the rock?


Please, expand the dvd's and games and cd's for people like me that want to just go out and enjoy finding a night's worth of enjoyment that I will keep forever.

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Re: Why is Best Buy becoming Sears ?

They stock what sells. Using space for items that don't sell is a waste of resources. The sections are probably shrinking, because digital content is taking over. People are buying their music digitally, streaming their movies, and getting their games through Steam, Origin, or other sources that allow immediate downloading, so those sections aren't nearly as profittable as they were when you HAD to get your music, movies, and games on physical media. 

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Re: Why is Best Buy becoming Sears ?

They should think outta the box especially when it comes to physical media vs digital. BB has a huge advantage that they aren't using. The older generation will allow want physical & alot of new will too since you truely "own" it. Plus, there's alot of people who can't afford the digital services or are in areas where the services provided aren't fast enough.
BB can offset the cost & increase sales/profit by offering a MMM(Movies/Music/Media) club setup like the Gamers club. Add the right perks & people will definitely be in more often for items.
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Re: Why is Best Buy becoming Sears ?

I think hydrogenwv nailed it, They dont sell at the prices Best Buy puts on them, so they are replaced with higher margin items. There isnt much margin on movies when compared to a TV or Fridge

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Re: Why is Best Buy becoming Sears ?

I agree that they need to expand the DVD/Bluray & CD sections with more titles available in store. I can honestly say I can't remember the last time I had to buy a TV, Refrigerator, or Washer & Dryer but I tend to go to Best Buy almost every week to buy movies. So they should leave the selling of those products to other stores like Sears & HH Gregg and focus more on selling movies, music, & games.

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Re: Why is Best Buy becoming Sears ?

If you knew the budgets associated with media comparative to those "other" areas, then you'd know that it's in no way smart to stock more music/movies compared to more TVs, computers, appliances, or anything else in the store.  Media is great for generating traffic but not revenue/profit. 


I probably buy enough anime from Best Buy and other retailers that easily amounts to over $1500 a year and would love to argue for the expansion of media as well, but I know I'm outside the norm and it's not a fisally responsible idea to expand such a low-margin market.