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Which streaming music service is the best?

recommendations? Thanks, Gina
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Re: Which streaming music service is the best?

Give Google Play music a shot.


Amazon Prime Music is not a bad deal either.


I had a subscription to Napster a few years ago and I really liked that.



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Re: Which streaming music service is the best?

Hi Gina-


Our friend bobberuchi has made some excellent suggestions.  Some free services that I’ve enjoyed are Pandora and Spotify.  Both have a pay service if you don’t want to periodically listen to ads, but otherwise, the ads are tolerable.


Pandora is nice in that you select a certain artist/band that you may like and Pandora will play tracks from that artist/band along with tracks from that type of music as well.  That way you can potentially experience artists that you’ve never heard before, however, the downside is that you get artists that you may never have heard before.


Spotify allows you to make playlists of the music that they have available, which is nice because then you can listen to what you want to with no potentially weird songs popping up.  Their selection is good, but there are some artists they don’t have musical rights for.  They have a large variety of musical styles, including pre-made playlists if you just want to experience something new. 


Both offer a large variety of music and don’t need a lot of interaction once you’ve set up a station (for Pandora) or a playlist (for Spotify).


I hope this helps!

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