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Where do the DVDs ship from???

Hi guys,


I bought a movie on and it shipped friday via Mail Express. I was wondering where it shipped from as tracking is not available yet for my item. Do they ship from MN?


I am in the Cleveland, OH area and was wondering when should I expect it, as I have to leave for an overseas trip and would like to take my movie with me.


Thnx in advance

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Re: Where do the DVDs ship from???

Well, there are various warehouses all over the country, so really, your DVD could have shipped from any of them. However, from what I've seen, we have one warehouse that typically ships out of Ohio (not 100% sure where, but it is in Ohio). I may be there, it may be coming from California. Without looking at your order, it'd be hard to tell for sure.


If you're concerned about if it's going to make it to you in time, I'd call 888 BESTBUY, give them your order number, and they'd be able to track your order for you and find out, at the very least, how close it is to getting to you.

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Re: Where do the DVDs ship from???

I'm assuming this is true for CD orders as well? I got the Audio Fidelity release for the Yes album 90125 in process right now... and dying to get my hands on it.