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What to Watch and How to Watch When You Don't Watch TV

I don’t watch TV. I love to say that because it makes me sound like a pretentious snob. The truth is I do watch TV, quite a bit of it. I have a decent sized movie and TV show collection on disk and I keep up on the latest programs too. But because I really hate those little slices of evil between the bits of show called “commercials,” I don’t watch broadcast or cable TV. So I dissembled a little there at the beginning, but only to make myself look suave and sophisticated. All is forgiven?


I have a particular fondness for procedural dramas so I live for new episodes of brilliant shows like Castle, Bones, and NCIS. Castle takes a really lighthearted approach to murder, with fun and quirky characters solving murders in New York City. Currently in its eighth season, I hope this show goes on forever and beyond.


Bones, on the other hand, is serious and dark, with serial killers galore and some of the grossest, most oozing-est corpses you will ever see on TV. Populated by its own unusual denizens, the murders in Bones are solved by revealing the stories that only skeletal remains can tell.


NCIS is rather a combination of the two with still more offbeat characters, murder, and mayhem set in the world of our military. The victims are our proud warriors, sailors and Marines, and our bold heroes of NCIS leap forth weekly to solve these ghastly crimes against those who answer the call to serve.


I also am caught up in a lot of the superhero dramas that one can’t seem to escape these days. I really enjoy Daredevil, The Flash, and Lucifer (not a superhero, but based on a comic, so, you know…). I have found Netflix’s Daredevil to be a singular delight. One of the darkest and most adult superhero dramas to emerge, the storytelling is bold and fresh, the characters are convincingly human, and the world of Hell’s Kitchen is suitably grubby and stained with fear. In my view, of all of the comic-centric shows on right now, this one is the one not to miss.


The Flash is still serious business, but its heart is lighter. The characters act in much the way a family might, complete with the dysfunctions we all grew up with. The conflicts are over the top just as they should be for a superhero epic and the characters are all larger than life with just enough foibles to make them more human than a cardboard cutout.


Lucifer is a new show that I’ve been enjoying the last several weeks. Perhaps I shouldn’t tout a show about the devil on Easter weekend, but I do what I must. The show’s premise is that the devil, swanky L.A. nightclub owner called Lucifer Morningstar, has fled his fiery pits for a permanent vacation. An angel has been sent to make Lucifer see the error of his holiday, but a smart detective, immune to Lucifer’s wiles, has entered the mix. Yes, the devil solves crimes in this inventive and funny detective show. I can’t get enough of it.


Now, since I watch all of these (and more, he admitted with embarrassment), but don’t have cable or watch broadcast TV, you must be wondering, my dear readers, how I get this fantastic entertainment into my dwelling? Funny you should ask: Roku and Apple TV. Both of these devices offer Netflix (for shows like  and House of Cards) and Hulu (for currently running TV shows) and literally hundreds if not thousands of other options from which to choose. The fees are nominal for these services (in my opinion) and have made themselves essential sources for my TV needs.


Go forth, my friends. Prepare the popcorn and TV like you’ve never TV-ed before.

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