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What Does the (Bb) in some movie titles stand for on

I noticed on that some DVD's and BD such as Imax Ultimate DVD Collection (Bb), Silver Spoons: Complete First Season (Bb) DVD, and several 007 Blu-Rays, have the (Bb) at the end of the title. What does this mean or indicate? I called the help line and was transfered to 7 different departments over a span of 2 hours only to find out no one at BBCS knew either. I noticed the Bb versions are 5-20 dollars cheaper than the non Bb versions. Checked the websites for several of the movies and no special releases where made for BB customers. Even stranger is the fact that the Bb versions are listed as availible at my local store where as the non Bb versions are not. Everything between the 2 listings is the same except the price and the Bb. Tried searching the forums but everyone uses BB as short hand for Best Buy so I only got 400 million unrelated thread returns.
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Re: What Does the (Bb) in some movie titles stand for on

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Hey THX1138 -


Excellent question! I had actually wondered about that myself.  


As it turns out, this was a coding that a vendor used in the past to denote a Best Buy® only sku, but due to confusion from our customers and our employees, we have asked that they discontinue this practice.  At one time, the titles that you referenced were exclusives to Best Buy®.  They do not differ in content from the items not carrying the Bb mark. 


I hope this helps!



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