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Upgrade and save

I brought in two DVD's for the upgrade and save program. They were out of Iron Man, Iron Man 2 so I came back another day. They would not let me use my coupon without the recept that they gave me when I brought in my DVD. No mention of this when I brought in my DVD for the upgrade program. What a pain in the a$$!


Much better shopping experience at

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Re: Upgrade and save

I am in the exact same predicament!  My kids were excited because we were going to trade in their Madagascar 2 DVD and do a Madagascar marathon before going to watch the new one this weekend.  My 4 and 5 year old kids are really upset because of this now too.  I was told by the customer service gal that I didn't really need the receipt and she almost forgot to give it to me.  I threw away the receipt on the way out of the first BB store when they did not have the movie my kids and I were looking for.  This sucks!

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Re: Upgrade and save

I just used this service a couple weeks ago. The customer service rep told me not to lose the recycling reciept as I would need it with the coupons. I think it also states that on each coupon as well. I am going back this week for more blu rays. Sorry you guys had trouble with this.