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Re: Upgrade and Save + Manufacturer Coupons I go back to my BBY store today to ask a customer service rep if I could speak to a manager to clarify the finer points ot using MFR coupons......and she looked it up wherever one looks such things up....then consulted with her manager ( a different one than last night).........and they said they absolutely can combine because a coupon is considered basically the same as cash......I explained that a CR manager had informed me that it was disallowed and that is why I came in to get clarification and further explanation........they told me whoever told me that was mistaken.........I am going back to the store to use another MFR coupon.........after all, tomorrow there will be a different manager...what a mess...........YMMV as I said

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Re: Upgrade and Save + Manufacturer Coupons

@reshull wrote:

Obviously I pushed forward with questions - hence all of the details in my prior post.  I was on the phone with them for 45 minutes.  We can't just keep calling back until we get the answers we want.  I asked her what company policy was.  I can't very well ask the CR supervisor to let me speak to her boss.    I called trying to get CR's position on what company policy was - not to get the answer I wanted.  lol@ you suggesting we call them back.  You also could spend your hour or two on the phone with them.   As far as I am concerned, the question was asked and answered from my standpoint.   That is good enough for me.   I am all for anyone else trying to get the best deal they can, and even in favor of others calling to inquire/complain about the situation, but in theory I believe no store is required to take coupons to begin with.   It may not be good policy but it is the right of the store in the end.   The real problem here is how seemingly arbitrary it all is.


After you fight with them on the phone for 2 hours, let me know what you find out..


P.S.  If any mods want to try to help me get my $3.21 back from my WHMS coupon, I stand ready to give you all the details I have given everyone else today on the phone.

My bad. I didn't really mean just you. I just said it as a general to whoever walks into this thread. I guess we just work differently. I'm also find with just an anwser but I can't say I would be find with an answer when it contridics something else. I won't be calling cause I really only get like 1 movie each time this has happened. I called during the first time they did this and feel my answer was good enough. Was just trying to help. Though I am super happy that you were able to go back and get better news.