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Upgrade & Save question

Does any DVD you trade in need to be in perfect condition?  Also, once you receive the coupon, does it need to be redeemed that day, or how long do you have to use the coupon?

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Re: Upgrade & Save question

Perfect?  Nope.  Scratched?  As long as they're surface scratches and not gouges.  The coupons have a promotional period on them, but I can't remember how long it's good for.

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Re: Upgrade & Save question

Just remember you need to include the case and the cover art. Don't bring in a disc hoping to take part of it. Coupon I hear is ending in August. Don't know the actual date though so you can use it till that date. Honestly, buy your movies while you get rid of dvds. No point in trading in more than what you're buying cause you wouldn't want to waste a dvd. Do it at the same time.